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  • rjfrank4 Mar 25, 2013 10:20 PM Flag

    MJNA-Month of April

    Keep hearing that this stock is going to take off again and last few weeks honestly have been #$%$ poor. I hope April is a strong month for this stock, otherwise I will be feeling quite upset at this overall stock performance in the last 60 days. Do you guys think this stock really is going to fly high in month of April?

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    • If we see movement & results such as: vape pen release, the over the counter CBD canchew release, official release of any new products for sale in locations and also on the web, products officialy being sold in what countries and where specificly, news of distribtion in CA, and on time payment from cannavest. With those updates of good solid progress the companies stock should do well.

    • if the 3rd cycle happens it will be very strong and should move us near a dollar. Also, it would support a larger picture of how high it will go near term. I would bet it all if the 3rd run happens. It will seem like MNST all over again.

    • the chart looks bullish for another run and people are seeing a cycle when they happen. April being the 3rd cycle. besides that, dips are frequent before a run.

      Still, anything can happen.

    • Yes.
      There will be dips, especially this week as it struggles to get over .30 again. No worries, it will. If it goes lower we are buying more. Now is a buyers market.

      As well expect dips when it hits .32, .35, and .50. In my opinion based on the charts as well there will be a very fast increase between .35 and .50.

      I predict within the year and once past .55 and stable the stock will quickly increase again this time to 1.00 and more.

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      • no one can give an exact answer. If we could, we'd be major rich. Just take everything and make a decision. If you feel weak then don't buy more. You may feel better later and decide to get back in. If this trades at .70 then you may feel better that someday it will be worth much more. This stock trades at .30 for a reason and didn't drop to .04 for a reason.

      • In reply to rjfrank's post below I do think the penny stock factor does keep it off peoples radar.
        Those that buy in now, hold, and when this thing is no longer a penny stock will soar very quickly.

        Rather than being like facebook starting out in the low 30 dollar range and then going down, MJNA will as it is doing slowly but surely find support and gaining ground as it increases.

        I see that the positives are HUGE for this stock.
        The green rush is real, the news is happening daily, and MJNA has the cleanest record (despite all the bashing) of all the traded stocks.

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      • rjfrank4 Mar 25, 2013 10:51 PM Flag

        Hey Doc...wouldn't let me respond to the post below...Was wondering if you feel there is still a risk factor being that currently stock is classified as a penny stock or if you think the postives far outweight that?

      • Events help and Quarterly results are the most important, but still charts shouldn't be ignored.
        This stock has held to the charts and that's good! That's why I brought up the chart making a 3rd bull run. The trading chart is very important to this stock!!!!

      • In reply to rjfrank4 below (yahoo won't allow me to reply for some reason to your post).
        I think the stock will do more than budge.

        This stock is well positioned to take off in a very positive way.

        The results already produced help but also the upcoming news and reports as well as expanding market will all contribute to a huge pps increase.

        This is a huge buyers market.
        Any dips now are welcomed and appreciated by all accumulating longs. :)

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • rjfrank4 Mar 25, 2013 10:39 PM Flag

        There is a lot of hype on Q1 results. Even with all the positive MMJ press lately this stock hasn't budged. Do you think the stock will budge positively to these results or do you think its already factored in?

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