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  • sully_5353 sully_5353 Apr 3, 2013 9:07 PM Flag

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    #$%$ Inc.

    In the United States alone, marijuana is estimated to be a $110 billion market, with the medical market making up nearly $17 billion. #$%$ Inc. (MJNA), the first publicly held company to emerge from the #$%$ and industrial hemp market, has experienced an incredible 4000% increase in revenue, with even more growth expected in the future.

    Amazingly, there are more than 55,000 uses for #$%$ and industrial hemp. Since all of these industries are underdeveloped, undercapitalized and not being utilized fully, the potential for growth and expansion has yet to be realized.

    #$%$ Inc. Role in the Industry

    In an industry comprised mostly of mom and pop businesses, #$%$ Inc. aims at being the world’s premier innovator in the #$%$ and hemp industries. The company is driven with passion to create awareness and maintains a heavy focus on sustainability. By maintaining a diverse portfolio, #$%$ Inc. dominates a large share of the market. Each entity under the #$%$ Inc. umbrella remains focused with a clearly defined purpose in relation to the development of other #$%$ Inc. holdings, which include CannaBANK, The Hemp Network, The Pet Hemporium, MMI Nutraceuticals, MMI Biotechnology, and CannaFUEL.

    The Amazing Healing Properties of #$%$

    This miraculous herb can alleviate the symptoms of practically everything from hiccups to Multiple Sclerosis to depressive mental conditions. Not only can #$%$ stop the spread of breast cancer, which kills more than 41,000 women each year. It also reduces inflammation and greatly reduces the growth rate of tumors in the lungs, breasts and brain, according to the American Association for Cancer Research.

    To be continued

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    • Thanks sully for this tidbit. I don't use facebook for many reasons but I hear its popular with the tweens and moms. I am new to MJNA and bought 140,000 shares today! I am excited to have stock in this company. Personally I think this is the best buy if you are going to invest in the pot sector. Real products, solid revenue streams, and large cash reserves. A real winner if you ask me. Personally I think the stock is undervalued and has a lot of potential to the upside.

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    • #$%$ Is Supported by Scientific Research

      In the past, marijuana has been criticized heavily in the media for its recreational use. However, despite its quickly fading negative reputation, the movement towards #$%$ as a healing tool has gained speed with support from scientific research that proves the positive health impact of this amazing age-old plant. California doctors report successful treatment with #$%$ of more than 300,000 migraine cases. It also treats glaucoma, prevents seizures, help with ADD and ADHD and can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

      Limitations on the #$%$ Industry

      Although the #$%$ industry’s obvious potential for enormous growth, the industry remains fractured by international, state and local laws. However, #$%$ Inc. sees an opportunity in this. As the first publicly held company vested in a #$%$ and industrial hemp industries, #$%$ Inc. maintains a diverse portfolio of hemp and #$%$-based businesses ranging from hydroponics stores to pharmaceutical compounds made from parts of the hemp plant. The company has thrived through substantial change as this newly developing industry navigates its way through the violent political landscape of federal and state laws.

      To be continued

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      • Building Awareness with the Hemp Network

        Although the potential uses for marijuana and hemp are numerous, awareness of these amazing plant and its many uses remains low. Raising awareness and educating the general population about the benefits and healing properties of marijuana, and the practically infinite uses for hemp continues to be the Hemp Network’s primary objective. As the first network marketing company in history that provides consumers with hemp products on a network marketing platform, the Hemp Network creates opportunity for massive distribution of hemp and wellness related products to a wide marketplace and will be a driving force behind a growing movement towards hemp as a solution in America.

        Hemp Products for Pets

        Another more unique division of #$%$ Inc. Encompasses the Pet Hemporium, a company that has developed a variety of everyday pet products that are made from hemp. From soft, hemp-based pet beds to leashes made with hemp to hemp chew toys, hemp tug ropes, and even hemp Frisbees, pet owners can feel safe knowing their dog’s toys are both naturally anti-bacterial and naturally anti-microbial. Although not available directly to consumers, The Pet Hemporium will soon offer wholesale pricing for distributors, as well as direct sales to national pet stores.

        Hemp as a Fuel Source

        CannaFUEL is a division of #$%$ Inc. that oversees and coordinates research and development of hemp and other biomass-based fuels. Current CannaFUEL projects located in the United States, Canada and Guatemala are focused on syndicating biomass processing facilities and raw biomass materials for processing into usable biofuels.

        To be continued

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