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  • sharonandersson90 sharonandersson90 Apr 17, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

    Anybody here excited about this stock that is not a Mary J user?

    Maybe it is just the impression I get, but I think most are.

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    • this isn't just about the 70's crowd ..... my husband had panc. cancer and the medical benefit was tremendous. This company will grow regardless of the legalization .... it has in roads to the medical community .... and is gaining respect within a market that has little choice but to flourish.

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      • Morgan London
        Indeed no doult there are medical benefits to Mary J....What I would be concerned about with this tho' is this company really producing a product or just selling a product....
        Companies like POT actually make fertilizer people must have to farm and there is very few places you get Potash from...When we buy a buggy load (2700 lb.)of fertilizer we have to buy their product as our land is low in potash and nitrogen.

        Marine Harvest is the largest fish farmer in the world and raises salmon and other fish and one can buy it on the OTC market here but does have competitors.

        In buying guns one has a choice of many brands Ruger gun tho' (RGR) makes guns and cannot keep up with demand if you are in unbelief call your local gun store and see if you can buy a Ruger ranch rifle...But they make guns...this company tho' as far as I understand makes and produces nothing but selling other peoples product...unlike most stocks on the market that make something.

    • I don't use MJ, In fact I don't even like the sensation it gives; I'd take a good IPA over some MJ any day. Yet I fully recognize that the legalization is going to happen eventually (sooner or later) and I'm hoping to earn a buck or two off the whole process.

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      • I think you are right about Mary J being made legal, at least later on, some states are decriminalizing now...This state decriminalized in the 1970s and now anyone can even grow the stuff which has crashed the market in terms of the money it goes for now...Medical Mary J stores which every little town had are now being really hurt....many are going out of business because their overhead is to high...Legalization is the last thing one would want I would think for profits...Mexican swag is almost worthless now I guess.

    • emiliojohn Apr 18, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

      sharon this is strictlly a business stock with a product the country wants has nothing to do with liking MJ

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Emilio John
        Indeed the county does want Mary J....But legalization will make supplies endless.
        I would not even be shocked if they don't advertise in Mexico some day for workers to come to work in the Colorado's meat packing plants have done in the past.

        Best case for places like MJNA is for Mary J to stay illegal except for medical purposes...but something must be done about people with cards growing...overgrowing as they have done.

    • not a user. im a nuclear medicine technologist. i actually perform PET/CTs on cancer patient. i work at a cancer center and see what chemo/radiation and cancer does to people daily. lots of patients want weed to help them with the pain and appetite. sharon, i know youre a basher.. that's fine. but the country is changing on this. the tide has begun to turn. you can either profit from it or not.

    • I'm not a user... I'm actually a police officer. No denying the changes that are occurring in our country, though. How can you see the states overturning laws slowly but surely and not get interested in this sector?? Someday the legality discussion of this plant will be a thing of the past and I won't have to enforce the, soon to be, outdated laws. Hopefully I'll be sitting on a nice pile of cash, formerly employed, and enjoying some of the Dixie products for myself. :)

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      • Lot of counties did not want to arrest the people they had , so have not enforced the MJ laws for a long, long, time...In fact here you would not have been Sheriff on the next election if you had...that is why our Sherrifs have the job for at least three hundred years as the county election is decided at the primary ,as everyone is Republican, and lets face it the Sheriff has to be popular to be elected in low population counties....
        Mary J has been the number one money making crop in rural counties in Colorado... the hardware store that sell equipment, the greenhouse that sells good high quality potting soil,or any business owners and self employed (which most are) depend on the money made,,,even at the restaurant I work as a waitress at a lot of the cash I have got was because of it...Even people that sell firewood, snowplow driveways, carpenters adding on a green house ( which my husband is) benefit from MJ that goes in all the seven directions...The electrical guys even make money wiring up the stuff needed to grow inside....That is why this county was able to produce such killer weed as "Colorado Pine Bud"

        In this state (Colorado) the Sheriff has more power inside the county line, than the Governor or even the President has....Our Sherriff has said he will not be enforcing the new gun laws Denver has passed and he won't....just like he has never enforced Mary J laws the stinkin' Democrats made way back in the 1930s to increase alcohol taxes...."UNLESS" in certain cases they trace your grow to kids using.

    • I'm not a user and if it was up to me. I know they know where all the fields are to grow this garbage that is the work if the devil! But since this is the way the nation is trending I wanna profit off it like those corner drug dealers and the Mexican cartels do. Only I ain't gotta do no leg work (have guys knocking on your door killing people moving weight ect) I just sit back put money into my etrade account slap my hands together like I didn't touch a damn thing and make that money. Can't knock a smart hustle..

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Former user, im more interested in the medicinal benefits and the fact that the market will grow exponentially in the next decade

    • I am not a user! I am a physician and MJNA is helping patients without hurting their lungs. MJNA,all the way

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • AND the stgma continues...Stand up for your culture......

    • A bunch of fibbers...for sure! 420 Baby!!

      Sentiment: Hold

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