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  • humbleinvestor1970 humbleinvestor1970 Apr 25, 2013 6:44 PM Flag

    The Problem with MJNA

    They do not respond or are very sluggish to respond towards damning allegations. Yes, they say we are taking legal action, really?! Where? When? How slow are your lawyers while the price of the stock gets trimmed from .50 to under. 18. This waiting and waiting has cost the MJNA longs a lot, financially and emotionally. Investors still do not have a clear answer or response to some of the financial and personal allegations made towards MJNA. So no matter what promising future projections or press releases or new flavors that come out, these mysteries overshadow them and the stock either goes up slightly or drops further. With each passing day people are left wondering more and more about what is true and what is false. That is why when states become more #$%$ friendly, the stock continues its downward slide. I personally have taken a significant hit from this stock and still have a large position. I hope management gets it together quick.

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    • you haven't lost a thing, unless you sell out of fear.

    • Hi Humble..sorry bad few days, especially the last two..BK has called the SEC to complain and suggests that we all do the would be in all of our best interest if we were to do this individually and with a concerted effort thru a petition..he has provided the phone numbers with a list of the names who are in collusion with SA to undermine the stock..see his post please..thanks..
      GO MJNA !!

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      • hey brooklyn lady sorry about your loss , i could have warned u earlier and told u when to sell as i did had i known that u were gonna hold this as the sector is no longer the flavor of the month
        SA folks did release a lot of neg bs articles on mjna , my guess is that since mjna is the benchmark of the sector and had rallied the most is probably why they singled out mjna over the others , seemed to work , im sure it will correct again sometime soon , but will it rally again like it did in feb and i dont think it will until some major changes take place imho

    • Hey humbleinvestor to b able to make money in this game u cant be humble u cant be naive u cant b, well ill just come right out and say it stupid u have to b proactive at discerning which way the stock will move and act accordingly in a swift fashion, in layman terms u cant chase a stock after it skyrockets and hope blindly that it will keep going up forever, the truth of the matter is that the only reason that the mjna sector went up to begin with was because of the fact that co and wa legalized mjna for recreational use, then mjna releasedgreat unaudited earnings propelling it to .15 then the run from .15 to .48 was because of the fluff pr articles to begin with , so realizing that now , the way to play mjna back then was to sell at the top, meaning at .48 after the runup from .15 that was the right move, not realizing that the hype was soon to fizzle out was the mistake that alot of novice investors dont get, and they probably still dont get it noweven as its spelled out for ya, honestly its called greed and unrealistic thinking, when a sector is hott its typically only for a couple weeks and then it fizzles out and the mms and big money players look for new opportunities, im trying to explain as best i can cause i know thats the reality of how the stock market works and i learned this over time making my own dumb greedy naive stock trade and holds, moving forward to b successful at this game u will either have to acknowledge this and trade accordingly in the future of b #$%$ out of luck imho

    • If they were to put out PR on all this they wouldnt be doing anything else. If they put out tone of PR then they would bash saying they are pumping it. Its really a tuff spot to be in. I believe they are letting the Sales, Growth, Product talk for them selves. If you are long then these pennies will mean nothing in a year or two.

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