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  • an_altered_state an_altered_state Apr 29, 2013 2:10 PM Flag

    SA articles have little to no effect on stock prices

    This is what we call in Psychology an "illusory correlation."

    Question: Why do the articles come in batches at one time?
    Answer: The SA authors want you to believe that their information is the cause of these little sell-offs, so they time their delivey with other catalysts to make readers think that they are wise and prescient. This is a high-beta (volatile) stock.

    This sell-off has nothing to do with SA. This sell-off is due to the threat of the Colorado Repeal by the Colorado legistature. So let me address that...

    As far as I can tell the legislature is still uncertain on whether a tax and control plan can be successfully passed and implemented. So, what they want to do is try to pass a plan with the taxes they want. But, they want to put a provision in the plan that will repeal the original ammendment (for legal recreational use) if the taxation bill cannot be passed.

    Much ado about nothing if you ask me. This will blow over...
    You will now return to your regular short and distort programming.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • So, in short, you're saying news(the threat of the Colorado Repeal) has everything to do with the price of this stock?

      Well now, that's a good reason to buy MJNA. I always thought that making money, a solid business plan, good management, profit margin, and an increase in PPS was the way to go?

      Even the CEO won't show her face and talk to or release some kind of acknowledgement about the company, it's finances, it future plans, yet alone her own background or experience in the MMJ industry.


    • Thank you for avoiding the issues brought up in the sa article. Your smoke helps to discredit the truth of the detailes financial analysis of the wholescale ripoff of shareholders by the pumpers here..alias mjna management.

      • 1 Reply to kendavid2020
      • I'm not trying to discredit anyone's opinion. I'm just saying that this massive of a price drop IS NOT DUE TO ANYTHING ANYONE SAYS ON THE INTERNET.

        There is a true catalyst (the threat of repeal). In my opinion, the catalyst will reverse. Although I don't have time to explain everything, the short version is this:
        1) The legislature has to finish this up in less than two weeks
        2) If their "Repeal" add-on makes it into the Taxation bill it must have a 2/3 majority vote since you are now over-ridding the Colorado Constitution. This fact alone will probably force the "Repeal" amendment to disappear in the final form of the legislation.
        3) The lawmakers are in agreement on many other "control" issues, just not the taxes.
        4) Opponents of Colorado's Legalization are just playing the last cards they have in their deck

    • Wow what kind of LSD are you on?

      • 1 Reply to alpha_fries
      • Although I was formerly a chemistry technician who made my own aspirin, I have never made nor consumed LSD (or any other illicit drug except MJNA a few decades ago). My screen name was created when I used to play chess drunk on the Yahoo Chess ladder (I used "a_rook_sacrifice" when sober so I could keep separate statistics)..

        I recommend that you Google "Colorado Repeal". The Colorado Legislature started working on this late last week and their discussions were to continue today after failing to come to any agreements on Saturday. Thus the HUGE drop today.

        If you think those pompous paternalistic know-it-alls on SA caused a 20-30 percent drop in ANY stock, then you I don't think you should be investing real money.

    • These are the guys we need to report to SEC,
      If you want them stopped then report them to SEC!!!
      1. Timothy Sykes
      2. Alex Gabor
      3. Infitialis
      4. Ashraf Eassa
      5. Alan Brochstein
      6. Seeking Alpha for letting them post

      Investor Assistance and Complaints:
      (202) 551-6551


      Infitialis ‏@Infitialis_ 9 Apr
      $MJNA the next leg to zero starts today.

      Ashraf Eassa ‏@intel17 9 Apr
      @Infitialis_ Yep.

    • bergn3 Apr 29, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

      I disagree mjna is down 20% does effect th PPS...

    • Why does yohoo continue to let sa post here at all? I am sure if I started my own little "national enquirer" yohoo would not post it. Maybe sa is a division of yohoo? It is really the only logical explanation.

    • Wow, the first reaction is thumbs down! Not a big surprise since this board is ran by bashers.

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