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  • abigchocoholic abigchocoholic Apr 29, 2013 4:49 PM Flag

    Ge Ready For the Class Action Lawsuits and a Criminal Investigation

    This isn't the 80s or 90s where you could scam large numbers of people with OTC stock and get away with it.
    What this company has published and what the stock price has done virtually guarantees there's now going to be a class action lawsuit. A class action suit costs companies millions of dollars. So get ready to go back to .01 real fast.

    And most likely, there's a behind the scenes investigation going on--meaning the govt. --is looking into criminal charges too. Feds are probably itching to go after a #$%$ company. If criminal charges are filed, this company is history.

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    • Very interesting that you are assuming its game over.... This fight is just getting started... If investors sold out of fear/panic or just couldn't bear looking at the paper loss then shame on them.. Because you dont officially lose until you hit that sell button... Its only a paper loss if you dont sell... And now what happens if MJNA starts delivering on there promises... Well i think you know.... Red turns into green very fast... Think i will stick around to find out.. I'm only underwater by 2 cents ... Glad i kept averaging down... I could go green in a heartbeat...

      Lets get ready to rumble.... Round 3,4 and 5 coming up !! I'm coming out swinging....

      lol sully

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      • No matter what happens this stock is damaged. This will not be a short term thing. I do not blame people for selling. Why invest in a co that seems to have so many problems? personally I only have 500.00 invested here at .09 pure gamble play. It goes to 1.00 Im happy. Goes to zero does not hurt me. Plenty of other companies to invest in with solid earnings and growth potential.

      • Man there are some real idiots on this message board... Spamming Bull sheet..

        lol sully

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      • Fear/panic? I've been long since early December and I've stuck it through it all. However, management NEEDS to address the issues that these scummy SA writers raised. The utter lack of response is troubling and leads people believe that the SA authors are correct. Why can't they clear up the murky transactions? I am nervous, and the lack of a response is the reason why, NOT because of what was written in those garbage articles.

    • do you file a claim when you make money too di ck head

    • Your a #$%$ y lawsuit lawsuit wawawawa u wimpering girl

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    • Really? I would say a law suit helps the stock. Dont you already think that SEC and Gov has been all over MJNA past 2 years? I would think SEC getting involved would help MJNA clear the name and let them move on without any of you bashers and SA!!

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      • I would say a law suit helps the stock.
        Then you don't know lawsuits. Irrespective of whether the stockholders suing win or lose (they always lose), the attorney fees run into the millions for each side. So unless you think your company dropping 2-10m cash on some ambulance chasers is a good thing, this company is likely going to take a major cash hit.

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