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  • yarnave yarnave Apr 29, 2013 7:08 PM Flag

    The following is the response from MNJA today

    his is the response that I received today from MJNA when I asked the company to respond. It is pretty vague and in my opinion side steps what we are asking. To say that you are not in the business of "not responding to SA bloggers" is one thing but to not respond to someone who is causing the stock to drop and the shareholders to lose thousands of dollars is another...Read the following response that I received and you decide for yourself:We appreciate your email and support. The company is not in the business of addressing "SA bloggers" and others on a daily basis. These firms write articles every day, our business is developing, and selling products, and we feel as we have done a great job of doing so. We will address SA in short order as disclosed in our last update. Again we appreciate your support.
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    • well_connected_and_well_off well_connected_and_well_off Apr 29, 2013 8:11 PM Flag

      Here is a follow-up

      " Roberto Porcu, appreciate your comments. We are addressing accordingly. We understand the impact it has had on the shareholders and are in the process of addressing it. Again thank you for your continued support."

    • Horrible response from them yarnave. They make me sick. That response sounds pretty much what i'd expect from them. When i ripped management on dixies site friday evening on facebook, that is the type of response they posted to me also. As vague as could be, so i really crushed them 2 more times, then they blocked me yesterday. I truly don't think they care.

    • So here is the thing...from the company's perspective the stock price is meaningless. Fluctuations in stock price do nothing to disturb the day to day or long-term operations of the company. For you and I they are certainly a big deal but only if we are short-sited. The larger and much more important picture for a long term investment is the company's continued growth and success. Blog attacks appear to be incredibly destructive at this early stage but their effect diminishes as the size and success of the company grows. I wouldn't address anyone from seeking alpha. Why engage a critic? Your job as a CEO is to run a profitable company and let the audited money sheets speak for themselves.

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      • Here here, that is right. And when the numbers come out, (and this is what the shorts know and that is the reason for the price drop and their exodus), the pps will move up drastically and that is why bashers and shorts want this to drop, for shorts to get out and others to get in cheap. Nothing like greed and envy to combine to make a pps drop so a late comer can get in the boat too!
        if there was something wrong the price would have dropped on no volume cause nobody would buy. But somebody bought 33 million shares today, and I bet it wasn't no retail investor either.

      • There is merit to what you are saying. I agree with that. (and there is the reason that I have always been long and shall continue to be). I know that many of the investors here want immediate stock increase. That just isn't going to happen. It is not our time yet. But the question of why SA is doing this to only MJNA is a concern I think for most. All other companies on the pinks within the industry are in the same boat but are not being attacked by SA. Why this company? What is it about MJNA that brings SA out in full force? Beyond that I anticipate that the price will drop to where all of the other companies are as of now. But I think that if we revisit in about five years this will be a very different pictures.

    • agreed! they aren't here to chase bloggers or the short interest

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      • These are not the average bloggers. They are an organized group that has damaged many companies reputations and also exposed some fraud on others. You must address slanderous allegations if it has crippled your stock price and tainted your company. The bashers are not near the concern that the financial questions, Cannavest deal, audited financials, insider sales, etc.... As a shareholder, all I want are some answers that dont side step the questions. I will not buy any more MJNA until I hear some legitimate explanations. I will hold what I have til rags or riches. I dont think shareholders are asking much from management just some explanation backed up by facts!!!

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