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  • wcbanman wcbanman May 8, 2013 6:22 PM Flag

    Sully, please give us some new reasons why we should put our hard earned money into this.

    Something other than, hoping that they can sell alot of truffles, soda and gum - which wouldn't matter anyway, because they don't even own much of Dixie, if any.

    Don't give us some BS about revenue that has already been determined to be best.

    Don't give the "just hold", "long and strong" BS cheerleading.

    And please, don't tell us that the MMJ industry is going to explode, making this company an instant success and all investors instant millionaires, like you have in the past.

    So, help me out here.


    After all, how many shares do you own now, last count was like 800,000.


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    • emiliojohn May 9, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

      Its a speculative stock you have to look at your own situation WCBA

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • here is what canv shares are valued by the company 10/k

      Common Stock

      The Company is authorized to issue up to 190,000,000 shares of common stock (par value $0.0001). As of December 31, 2012 and April 12, 2013, the Company had 7,000,000 and 8,900,000 common stock shares issued and outstanding, respectively (Note 7). On December 9, 2010, the Company issued 5,000,000 shares of common stock (founders’ shares) with an estimated fair value of $500

      now since canv is 97% of mjna profits for the quarter ,they are paid by shares and canv estimates fair value at 500 dollars what is mjna worth

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      • heres another tidbit silly wead wit cahsun

        Liquidity and Capital Resources

        As of December 31, 2012, our cash balance was $431, our outstanding debt totaled $500 and our working capital deficit was $69.

        The Company has yet to attain a level of operations which allows it to meet its current overhead. We do not contemplate attaining profitable operations until such time as management executes its plans for future operations nor is there any assurance that such an operating level can ever be achieved once such plans are executed. We expect to be dependent upon obtaining additional financing in order to adequately fund working capital, infrastructure and expenses in order to execute plans for future operations so that we can achieve a level of revenue adequate to support our cost structure, none of which can be assured. These factors raise substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern and the accompanying financial statements do not include any adjustments related to the recoverability or classification of asset carrying amounts or the amounts and classification of liabilities that may result should we be unable to continue as a going concern

      • Now you give proven information that CANV deal has anything to do with earnings... Lets see it in black & white...

        Here is the truth...

        CannaVest is in the business of developing, producing, marketing and selling end consumer products containing the hemp based compounds with a focus on Cannabidiol (CBD). CannaVest seeks to take advantage of an emerging worldwide trend to re-energize the production of industrial hemp and to foster its many uses for consumer health and wellness benefits as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Canv allows MJNA to transfer significant expenses and overhead to Canv. Giving MJNA increase revenue. It allows them to partner on deals and products they would not be in a position to do right now. Increasing sales and profits to MJNA. The 35 mil in hemp oil sold to CANV was in stock and considered an asset. Those numbers are not included in MJNA Q1 numbers since an Asset.

        Prove otherwise whonotbedaman...

        lol sully

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Because the wolf ate the pig

    • rjfrank4 May 8, 2013 6:49 PM Flag

      Hey Bandwagon-we have 60% in Dixie and we are expanding globally throughout Europe and other parts of the world and there is a great slide show on ihub that shows it all in images for you. Quite alot going on right now actually without SA twisting peeps minds. Hopefully Q1 comes out in next day or two and SA having minimally impact now cause that ship has gotten old my friend.

    • ha ha ha ,that was funny

    • Shares are currently worth at least $1.50 per share minimum.. They are at 0.1622 isn't that reason enough ??

      I really don't want to waste much more energy on you....

      lol sully

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • With the revenue projections they gave I currently estimate the value MJNA shares to be worth $1.70 to $3.40 based upon P/E/G ratios of 0.5 and 1. Until its listed on an exchange higher than the Pink Sheets I'd cut those values in half to between $0.85 to $1.70 or a third if people are believing in red flags existing, so that would be a value between $0.56 to $1.13. In any case the current price of $0.1622 seems to be a bit low. Ha Ha Ha.... Just a bit... If MJNA hits its revenue projections and uplists I estimate its P/E/G of 0.5 to 1 to give it a share price of between $6.50 to $13.00 per share.

        Oh Boy....

        lol Sully

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I didn't think so.

        The company can't even show where their "income" comes from, other than wacky stock swapping transactions with themselves.

        You really need a new job my friend.

        I've already wasted way too much energy on you too, but you keep coming back for more. Sad.

      • shares are worth .001 currently trading at .1622
        He does not have anything he never will only thing holding this up is a cult like following of the same person .
        I t needs another paid pr newswire article to go up without sad to say it will just drift back to .001

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