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  • sad_umbas sad_umbas May 14, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    The sambu_das "I BOUGHT AT $.50" post: (post1)

    I bought at .50 and here's a partial list of reasons why............
    1. to screw all shorts out of their positions, make them sell and get out of this stock permanently. Seems to have worked, look at the loser at seeking alpha who just got his arsle handed to him....
    2. because this stock is going way way up. Much further than anybody thinks and much faster.
    3. If there are 700 million, and all these people on this board who claim to have a million shares or half a million shares (like I do), then that means there are really relatively few shareholders and not so many shares to go around, which means it will go way up, based on the law of supply and demand.
    4. I already bought other shares at less per share and I saw this moving up fast and decided, no matter which way it goes, I have faith, and it will go up. And even if it does go down a little, I only lose if I have to sell, which I don't. I am not a day trader. I will hold until I get my pps I want.
    5. because I can. I have plenty of money, and tomorrow, if it stays below .5 cents I will just buy up another hundred or so thousand shares. Because I can, I will.
    6. I am glad to be in at the ground level in an industry I had always thought would have been legalized decades ago. There is too much opportunity for growth.
    7. when I heard about the uplisting, it only confirmed all my thoughts. We will be over a dollar before the end of the week. So don't pay attention to bashers. Just do your own thing. Only you know why you invest the way you do, and now you know why I do too. Hold your ground. Put in sell orders for over a dollar and see what happens. You will be happy you listened to me.

    And anybody who doesn't believe me, I will put in a sell order tomorrow for 504400 shares at .55 cents for the first half hour or until it gets close to my price, and then remove the order. Because I don't want .55 a share. I don't want a dollar even. I want no less than $10 a share, and all you should want that too. At least. And if Medbox is any indication, we should all be getting $70 a share.

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