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  • bigbadvlad666 bigbadvlad666 Jun 3, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    Paid Basher ?

    I am curious....... how do you become a " Paid Basher ". I see it all the time on this board. I am really curious to know if this is a real occupation or is this something that the paranoid have drummed up. Slam me if you want, I dont care . Im not interested in this stock. I would not touch it too risky !!!!!

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    • big bad vlad,

      karma whod dicktate you take a hundred dollars and buy 666.666667 shares of mjna at .15 cents ..... its yer calling lucyfur......hahahahahahaha

      You all know me on this board as �The Basher.�
      Today I want to come clean about something I feel very badly about. I cannot undo some of the things I have done, but hopefully this message will prevent other such occurrences in the future. I am a paid basher.
      Yes, it is true. Today is my last day at this company; I’m moving on to a new job. I’ve realized that there are more dignifying jobs out there that can pay me equally as well. But before I go, I want to explain a few things because this just isn’t right and I won’t feel good about myself until I expose this sham. It’s hurt too many people and I don’t want it on my conscience anymore. I can no longer live with a lie.
      I work for a company called Springfield Global Funds in Stamford, CT. Basically, it’s a Boiler Room much like the one in the movie of the same name. The idea behind my group is to bash the price of a company’s stock down low enough to where the group of investors who retained our company’s services can buy the stock really cheap and perhaps even take it over all together. Confessions Of A Paid Basher
      What is that goal? Well, I am merely a cog in a much larger machine, so my bosses never really explained the big picture to me, but I’d say essentially, Shaddowwatch2oo3 was right. There are several companies who are quite familiar with Jim Bishop and Janice Shell and who are deathly afraid of them.
      There are three types of bashers here at Springfield Global Funds: Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner. An Advanced-level basher (also known as a Silver Tongued Devil) would spread false or misleading information about the company. They would deal in facts, countering every longs post with articles, news reports and opinion surveys that gave a negative impression about the company.
      An Intermediate-level basher (also known as a Serpent) would try to weasel their way into the confidence of longs and create doubt using rumor or innuendo.
      Finally, a Beginner-level b

    • zombama Jun 3, 2013 2:23 PM Flag

      Paid Basher - LOL

      You'll have a better chance becoming a unicorn rancher.

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