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  • billeeethekid Jul 1, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    The Average Person doesn't have enough money to grow their own.

    How many people have the money and time to keep up with a crop?
    Mind you it cost thousands of dollars to create a good set up, and maintain it.
    On top of that it takes months for you to even flower and then weeks to dry and cure.
    Think about that.
    You going to wait 3-5 months to smoke ?
    I highly doubt that. Instead you are most likely going to the store to get some of what ever you need.

    I live in a NY apartment. Even if I wanted to grow I couldn't , and wouldn't because I have children.
    Thats not the type of things you want your children to see !
    With all my son's toys I wouldn't even have room to grow.
    MY wife WOULD KILL ME! for taking up an enormous space in the house to do something of that sort.

    AND even if i were allowed to. there is no way that the average consumer is going to be able to afford the thousands of dollars that it takes to make a good set up. Let alone pay their electricity bills.

    You bashers forget not everyone has a backyard. even in that scenario. how would you go about protecting your crops ?

    STOP trying to scare people out of this great investment.

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    • B S my buddy grows it in his pole barn (good stuff too) and all it costs him is a couple light bulbs; dont make it sound harder than it is. You may not get as big of yield as the spendy systems but you can grow it with minimul up keep and money.

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      • I call that kind of weed SWAG
        My nutrients cost $250 just to start with
        AC Unit
        Temp meters
        Fans - Lots of fans
        Electrical Panel
        Tomatoe cages
        All kinds of hand tools to trim with
        Build a 15 x 8 ft room
        Cloning supplies
        and the list goes on and on

        Cheap grow set ups yield SWAG, yes someone can get lucky but real grows take real equipment

        All of the above cost about $3500

    • You're kind of right kind of wrong
      My indoor set up cost me about $3500 and a week to build
      It takes 3 months to do an indoor crop
      It's a lot of work and it's not easy to do or everyone would be doing it
      You can find failed growers all over craigslist selling the used equipment on the cheap
      Now an outdoor grow is cheap, real cheap but you have to deal with PESTS and I'm talking about both kinds the ones with multiple legs and the ones with 2 legs
      I've been ripped off so many times I lost count that's why I went indoors
      But indoors yields way less, about 3-5 oz per plant as the outdoor ones usually yield 1-7 pounds

      If anyone wants to be a successful indoor grower I can lead you in the right direction

    • Its actually very cheap to build a set up. less than $150 and it can be done in a closet.... with that said i am pro mjna. but if you look up DIY on google, you will find it much easier, less expensive, and faster than you think. if you get somthing called an auto flower youll have vegetation within 2 months... i agree with your statement about people not wanting to deal with the growth process. but it not thousands of dollars.

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      • billeeethekid Jul 1, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

        idk bro. i looked at forums. some people use 1000w light bulbs. which run them a pretty penny. if you plan on growing a large amount then you are going to need the wattage and lumens to support that large set up. it varies by size. but agreed with you as well. good to see you and i are on the same page ;-)
        keep investing!

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    • billeeethekid Jul 1, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

      Why spend 1000k+ on a setup when I can buy a drink in the store for less than 10 bucks.

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