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  • jgusciora jgusciora Jul 1, 2013 1:18 PM Flag

    Why is it so hard to believe...

    people actually think this stock is a POS and are trying to warn people to either not buy or wait til it is lower to buy? You think that maybe some of these people have been thru the ringer with this stock and don't want unsuspected newbies to take it in the rear because of paid pumpers like sully and the great DR, which ever id he is writing under these days. Plain and simple look at the market cap and look at the ACTUAL revenue(not canv stock included). Youn would be stupid to buy and even dumber to act like it will go 10xs higher. I never got a cent for bashing this POS but i did lose money because of false pumpimng by the company. Read the SA articles, i was #$%$ when they came out because i thought they were bashing for no reason...Turns out 99% of what they wrote was correct... BUY now lose money. Buy around .05 and have a chance to make money.

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    • First off I really do not believe you ever owned MJNA. You are a long time basher and not an investor. You bashed me for posting articles about CBD. Again if you sold out already then you are a bad day trader or not a very good investor. Why would you buy into a new company and a new sector that is fighting to become legal. You thought this would be a quick profit? Most of us have bought in because we believe MJ will has a purpose for medical and recreational use. We believe MJ will become legal in many different forms. I believe strongly in CBD and know that there is a need for it in Medical field. I dont think you have ever looked into CBD. I believe you are against MJ in general and figure MJNA is the biggest company to bash. You are just like turd and need to look into CBD and the benefits. You are bashing because you lost a few dollars. Pretty pathetic. Since you bash a product CBD you know nothing about. I hope you or a family member gets cancer so you look into CBD and the benefits!

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      • Bk you are an idiot. Yes I owned this. Bought at .16 rode it up and back down and got out at .185 to persevere a small gain. Trust me, I have looked into the benefits of cbd. Why is it you long and strong can't fathom the fact that mjna has a name that they wisely used to their benefit to get pro mj supporters to put their money behind and in doing so make them feel like they are at the head of the mj legalization cause. This companies only true money maker is selling their own shares, fact. How can you trumpet a company that lied to you? Isn't funny that the amount of guidance they gave is roughly the amount of canv stock they are set to receive this year? IF YOU ANSWER ANYTHING ON THIS POST, ADDRESS THAT POINT. legalization is years off, the way this company is structured they will have no choice but to dilute your value away. This is over priced and over hyped. I bought into the hype but opened my eyes with an objective view and really saw what was happening. Just because you are blind to the FACTS doesn't mean others are not as educated as you on products they do sell. So once you fall from your high horse, remember that you were warned and with that cancer comment you deserve what you get. And yes I have you a hard time for ALL (insane amount) of the articles you posted because you were basically posting dd that everyone that is in this stock should have already read. I am sure you bought high and currently red as all get out on this stock but don't attack me because you got fooled.

      • 1.) If you sold out above .30 most likely you were a good trader, the mistake was holding too long after the pump. 2.) This argument that the MJ industry is a huge opportunity, so MJNA is a huge opportunity is just not true. If it was, every single internet start-up from the 90's would be a multi-billion dollar company today.

        People can invest their money however they want, but ignoring the facts that this company has lied about their balance sheets and is run by a bunch of ex-real estate people with direct ties to known scammers is irresponsible. Do your own DD, good luck.

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