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  • og_cannabis og_cannabis Jul 5, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    Weed Prices Sink to New Lows in Oregon

    Top shelf OG's are only getting $2000 a lb
    That's $125 oz for the BEST STUFF
    This is happening because so many people are now growing at home
    This is only going to get worse
    We haven't had this happen here in So. Cal. yet but it's coming soon enough
    I can see when you'll be able to get TOP SHELF stuff for $100 oz
    Dixie Soda will be only $1 a bottle if they want to be competitive
    CBD will be $5 a gram instead of the ridiculous $150 a gram it is now
    THC wax will be $5 a gram instead of the current $60 a gram

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    • Increases in productivity are supposed to be reflected in the price of the produced item and quality is supposed to increase in an unfettered environment. I count this as a wonderful harbinger of things to come and only those with a large enough footprint will be able to capitalize on the situation. MJNA certainly seems to share my point of view as they build out a marketing entity capable of being profitable at the various levels and in all the possible markets... all while expanding their presence in them.

      Freedom is a wonderful thing.

    • Yea everyone will just grow it. Your Post just sounds STUPID!!!
      Where are all the apt and condo people going to grow it? Right beside the Moon shine and Tobacco already growing?

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