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  • tyronebiggums123 Aug 17, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    Say NO to marijuana and say YES to Jesus Christ

    Believing in our Lord and Savior is the only road to salvation. Don't risk not being allowed into the heavens because you decided to experience the dark sinful ritual of marijuana smoking

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    • Say YES to both.

    • At least dope can do something for you. Jesus is a deceased historical figure who was executed by the Roman authority in the far flung Roman outpost of Judea. He is dead. A dead person. Nothing more.

    • For your information - God gave us the wright yes the GOD GIVEN wright for each of us to decide for him or her self what to put into our bodies. Our Government has placed it's self above God and taken that wright away from us. I am a strong Christian. There is nothing wrong with my faith. I'm saying yes to occasional cold beer, wine, caffeine, advil, BC powders, and yes sir buddy an occasional toke. The only thing I and the other 99% of America is saying NO to is the our lying, hypocritical government which is currently being widely exposed as just that.

    • FYI Jesus is pro-pot. Maybe you should get on the right side.

    • Hahahaha what a #$%$ moron. get lost azzhoel

    • I've been saying YES to both
      If needed God will forgive me

    • GOD MUST HATE ALL HUMANS THEN BECAUSE, The human body produces and utilizes its own cannabinoids, but the body can also utilize cannabinoids from external sources. One source of exogenous cannabinoids is marijuana, or to use marijuana’s botanical name, #$%$. Because these cannabinoids are plant-based, they would be considered phytocannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids from marijuana fit nicely into human cannabinoid receptors. Thus, the cannabinoids from the #$%$ plant can be utilized by the human cannabinoid system.

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    • And who might I ask created marijuana? I hope you don't eat food, live in a home made of wood, wear clothing or drive a car, because all these things harm the earths ozone and god wouldn't be happy if you destroyed his planet... Oh and all the man on boy child molestation that takes place at the highest levels of your religion, which religions leaders turn a blind eye too...Oh the irony of religion...Oh the hypocrisy ... If anyone in this world is going to hell it will be the religious whack jobs that follow the devil (GOD) blindly..

      • 1 Reply to itsonlyaboutmoney
      • Ok. This stock is a good investment. Why, bc for say $3k at today's price you can buy about 20,000 shares. If for some reason mjna does not do good you only lose $3k and that is if it closes business. Which it will not. So most you will lose is maybe $1k.
        Now, say if we go at today's pace where states like Colorado and Washington legalize marijuna and NJ with a republican governor legalize the medical portion for kids, well the market will expand. Mjna is leader in this industry and far ahead of it competitors so guess who benefits. With 85% population for marijuna today it just a matter of time that it will be legalized nationwide. Then what happens. It's economics, mjna will have more customers as result more sales as result stock price will not be at .16 for long. Remember when mdbx went from $6 to $215 in 3 days in November 2012. Check it out if you don't believe. Well same will happen to mjna.
        So, in closing you stand to lose little at today's market price but stand to gain a huge payout. Strong strong buy...

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