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  • klintz4hemp klintz4hemp Sep 23, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    Gov't cant make money off of cancer curing cannabis?

    Lies. All they have to do is modify the prices on drugs.
    Like Dixie does with RSHO
    You want to be saved from cancer? You are going to have to pay the price.
    More cbd = more money
    More money = more of the "99%" are unable to afford these drugs let alone their insurance premiums.

    You want to control population? put a price on someone's life and make then work to keep it.
    Its slavery. But it works.

    Lucky for us shareholders we may be able to get discounts lol

    You never know the price of hemp can be driven up higher than prescription meds.
    Probably why stocks like these get manipulated so big companies flipping millions of shares could out of no where raise the stock price so high that Joe the plumber can't afford these shares let alone our products.

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    • IMO opinion the price must Remain high.
      wouldn't want the supply to so Demand could stay high
      just imagine it for yourself if this product was cheap and affordable and available to everyone how do you plan on doing with overpopulation? I feel that keeping the Price high will motivate people to work I contribute to society so that they can keep their lives lol. Probably would bring unemployment down haha

    • Some group needs to manufacture the hemp oil on a large lower the price.

      The price that MJNA is charging is almost criminal......WAY over the top----agreed that most peeps won't be able to afford the benefits of the "kind plant".......We need to see companies like Merck and Pfizer get involved and make some $$$ on this CBD production, and make it affordable to millions of peeps who needs it.

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