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  • rn1.golfer rn1.golfer May 16, 2012 7:40 AM Flag

    MUST READ: Foolish Short

    Consider that for Einhorn to be successful at this point the stock which is close to down 40% would have to fall substanially from here, that would require the proverbial smoking gun at this point because insinuation got it here and unless there is a smoking gun this is going to explode back up.

    Also Einhorn is aware of HLF's CASH POSITION and let's face it HLF can sit back watch him put on a 10 million short position or greater and counter with a 100 hundred million dollar buyback plan right after.

    Summary: No Smoking Gun + Free Cash = HLF >60 Short Term

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    • With ths short covering tomorrow easily over 50 by Friday maybe north of 55.

      However what will be the most fun tomorrow will be the excuses the shorts come up with for Einhorn not doing anything today or tonight, there will be announcement forhtcoming, he has already stuck his foot in his mouth with his comments and don't think for a second the SEC isn't watching this very carefully, because one could make the arguement in a public forum his knowing that his comments could move the market could be construed as minpulation something he has come under scrunity for in the past...

      And of course the Free Cash Position of HLF is a huge weapon and now they will be presenting at two large investment forum's.

    • Followers came in with far more massive short selling than Einhorn had to cover. His profits are banked already.
      He'll give a little lipservice extending his previous concerns; but has in reality moved to long side and will profit again. There are bagholders 10x the position that he's covered.
      Expect: a modest but solid surge up; bagholders continue to hold sh.. Long Term steady rise as they gradually cover.
      OR HUGE POP upward as there's no one any longer on sell side. Even Einhorn's tepid comments today won't keep a lid on it.
      At the moment there is a truly HUGE imbalance!

      Happy investing!

    • Applied knowledge is power or in this case applied common sense, and pre-market has HLF up well over a dollar.

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