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  • sebast_texas sebast_texas Dec 27, 2012 6:08 PM Flag

    So how many shares has Ackman covered already? guesses?

    I think around a million only. Maybe most of the increase has being done by lil shorts covering and other Funds like Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC and Bronte Capital that have stated they started buying since Christmas eve. (from today's WSJ article : Herbalife Fight: ‘Hedge-Fund Equivalent of Stalingrad’).
    At this point there is so but so so much room to go up. Lil shorts be aware.

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    • He covered all his shorts in the panic he created? Very slick. Gordon Gekko could learn a few tricks from that guy. Charities--don't hold your breath waiting for donations from him.

    • At least half at minimum. Ackman knows HLF can burn his #$%$ good and eat away most of his 3 day short gain. He's not stupid. He attacked HLF for money and he won't lose much of that money. The little shorts will get caught and massacred.

    • i just hope ackman equated his hlf position with the same formula and confidence that he had when he took his jcp position. I read a wsj article today about other hedge fund, mutual fund, mgrs. Taking the other side of ackman's hlf bet/trade.
      ackman awfully quiet. For how long? I have no doubt he will come out swinging come next week and certainly before 1/10 analyst conf. Call. Jmho-bucko

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      • I'm sure many longs are encouraged by the recent action but what they don't realize is there were enough shares traded in the past 2 days to increase the shortable share pool. As for Ackman, I mentioned this before, he's shorted it way way up there between 50-40. Only the shorts in under 28 may have gotten burnt BUT if they wait starting tomorrow (very likely) this will start trending down again. The rewards are huge as the moves are violent as you've seen in the past week. Look, the whole sector will go down with HLF in the coming weeks. The air doesnt smell good, just pick your entries when the stock pops and be patient. It may stress you on days like these but you need to hang in there. By Jan 4th, this thing will be in mid teens. Patience.

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