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  • h_grant_h h_grant_h Jan 28, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    Carl Icahn failed to defend HLF -

    Just watched the soap opera of the latest spat on CNBC between to two hedge fund managers. But Carl Icahn came through as a dirt bag - an old dirt bag, who made a quick trade and sold the stock while he caused the stupid crowd to chase.

    Bottom line - Icahn didn't even bother to defend HLF. All he did during the show was to defend his own reputation! Men, that's just dirty play. At least Ackman offer some 300-page research work for investors to explore on their own. But Icahn offered nothing, zero.

    I know one thing for sure: HLF's products are way overpriced.

    MLM is a scam - it's really simple. Not many people in the world can become successful entrepreneurs. So, the whole schemes of MLM is a cheating game - suckers manipulate the common folks by making up stories that everyone can be a millionaire. That's BS.

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    • I had to stop listening to it because of how whiny Icahn is. He sounded like a two-year-old throwing a temper tantrum. And then at times he couldn't even string words together into anything coherent.

    • having said that it was very entertaining to watch

    • Icahn could care less about HLF, he is a bitter old man still #$%$ that this young guy got one over on him 10 years ago. Ackman's accusation that Icahn tried to not pay him because he didn't think Ackman had the $ to keep trying to collect rang very true. Icahn came off like an idiot, especially when he attacked the commentator and based on his response to Ackman's clever challange to buy the company if he was so confident. I think it would be very easy to make Ackman look bad right now and Icahn totally blew it

    • He told Ackman twice he was vulnerable to a buyout at $70 plus, clearly implying it was a strong possibility because the company is worth that. How is that not a defense of the company? His remarks were focused on Ackman. He called the trade irresponsible...five times, because the company is worth a lot more money than its trading for and Ackman is exposed. If that's not a defense of herbalife, what is?

      Everyone knows what's going on here except the shorts. Companies trade at fair value. Herbalife is only trading at 50% of its fair value and that will be rectified. Then we'll see the short squeeze to $100.

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      • Icahn may be an old dirt bag, but he is no fool and won't buying HLF unless it's trading at $1.

        Icahn is known for big gambles in trading opportunities. When Ackman published his position, other hedge funds made a gamble in squeezing the retail shorts. It's a quick trade. Only those idiots and liars are holding this piece junk at those prices.

    • Great observation......and you are 100% correct.

      Icahn just wanted to attack Ackman's character.....but did nothing to defend HLF.

      And he wouldn't answer the question as to whether or not he had any position in HLF.

      LOL....he's probably short.......riding Bill Ackman's coat tails.

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