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  • jbrin18 jbrin18 Feb 2, 2013 7:30 PM Flag


    That paid bashers of this stock disappear over the weekend. I guess we all have to have some time off!! (LOL)

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    • most every yahoo stock message board slows on the weekend ......

    • WHo pays these fictional "paid bashers" ?

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      • I get paid for every post. Its much more lucrative than actually trading the stock.

        (in my dreams)

      • Cadmium (and all others either being coy or naive about the existence of PAID BASHERS):
        Google these names with the term "securities fraud" for starters: Paul C. Harary, Michelle McDonough, Anthony Elgindy, Sam E. Antar or even Floyd Schneider. All are convicted securities manipulators. They use message boards like Yahoo as a "tool of the trade" and are mostly associated with hedge fund short sellers who obviously want a stock price to plummet (not rise).

        How much do they get paid? Big bucks!! Consider what is at stake HERE alone (a billion or more?). THEY ARE EITHER PAID OUTRIGHT AS CONTRACT "STOCK RESEARCHERS", OR PAID IN PUT OPTIONS (WHICH INCREASE IN VALUE AS A COMPANY'S STOCK DROPS IN VALUE). With the amount of money involved here, I can almost guarantee you there are people very close to Bill Ackman (either personally or business related) who are posting on this board.

        This message board is a direct outlet to the minds of thousands of investors trading this stock. IT IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL GAME and this board is an arena filled with spectators (and that includes not just the individual investor but EVERYONE who has skin in this game, including the neurotic Bill Ackman). some research on the topic. I suggest you start out with the search term "INSIGHTS INTO THE DARK WORLD OF STOCK MANIPULATION"

        It would be time will spent!!

        Sentiment: Hold

      • I don't know but any money spent would be money wasted. These tools don't know their #$%$ from their elbow.

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