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  • halftothepoorhouse halftothepoorhouse Feb 3, 2013 11:14 PM Flag

    Shorts are servants of and for the investing community

    Shorts are bending over backwards to sound the alarm for the benefit of the retail community. Many shorts who take the time to post on this board are deeply concerned to warn and to protect retail investors from being suckered in by HLF's tricky management and the slickness of the HLF's pyramid presentations. There are many, many shorts on here giving warnings for this reason. This is not just about making a quick buck because HLF is headed to zero no matter whether the alarm is sounded here or not. Retail investors should also beware of crafty greedy longs who would stop at nothing to ensnare them unwittingly into HLF's pyramid scheme when there are hundreds of wiser, safer investments to make.

    Beware of HLF. Don't end up a bag holder in the poorhouse like those RTO victims who mourn their losses. They were warned too. Then came the halt! That's right, the exchange halts the stock. It reopens down 85%. See CCME for example. Or RINO. Or FUQI. What About Worldcom, Enron, WAMU. Big companies die and they can do it FAST.

    With so much warning, with so many deep pocket smart money minds sounding the alarm, it's obvious HLF is not the stock on which to even risk losing your shirt. Get out. Get out. Get out. If you told a wise person you trust, say your grandmother or your friend, they would tell you to be careful and stay out of harm's way. Do not build on quicksand.

    Find a company with a low short position, good earnings, maybe a dividend, a good growth thesis. If you are investing your retirement money in HLF, you are playing with fire.

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