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  • pfswsucks pfswsucks Feb 5, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Where was GOP on debt ceiling when G W Bush and GOP added 6 trillion to US debt?


    leaving 11 trillion US debt,a depression, 2 unfunded wars 10 trillion unfunded medicare prescription plan and trillion dollar deficits ?

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    • Regardless of what happened in the past where we are headed is unacceptable and has to change.

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      • I agree, but many people are not able to coherently think.
        - Most people can't examine the facts and draw simple conclusions without leaving out pertinent facts.

        - I don't have a religious agenda like 90% of republican party so my analysis is essentially bias free as possible. The fact is that Reagan used his wifes Astrologer to make important decisions about the country, Reagan thought the world was going to end because his brand of Jerry Falwell Christianity told him this. We had very high ranking people in Reagan's administration who really did think the world was ending.
        - These types of people cannot be trustd to think clearly.

        And I am not playing favorites, but people who watch Fox News are less educated about the world than people who don't watch any news. These are not the type of people who can be relied upon to present factual information in an unbiased forum.

    • Fabricone1 you are wrong about the facts.
      Obama has NOT spent more money than all other presidents combined. Not even kind of close.

      The National Debt when Obama came into office was about 10.5 Trillion Dollars.
      - That means that the OTHER presidents combined spent more than 10.5 Trillion Dollars.
      - The debt is the amount that was BORROWED, Not Spent. All previous presidents may have spent about 150% of what the actual DEBT is.

      So all other Presidents could have spent a total of 25 Trillion and left a Debt of 10 Trillion for when Obama took office.

    • Actually, you are not going back far enough. Starting in 1981 when Reagan took office to '88:

      1. The National Debt TRIPLED from 700 Billion to 2.6 Trillion Dollars.
      2. We primarily used 30 Year Treasury Bonds that were issued at a very high interest rate.
      - Today, and each year for the past 30 years we have been paying off Ronald Reagan's 30 year Treasury Bonds at high interest rates. Many of these will still be outstanding and paid until 2018.
      3. In some cases, Reagan's interest rates paid out are 3 Times Higher than what we pay out under Obama.

    • Actually GWBush added $3.3 trillions in his 2 terms & Obama added $5.1 trillions debts in his one term

    • Good post. GOP tries to pass it on like Obama did it.

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