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  • morehatthancattle morehatthancattle Feb 8, 2013 10:40 AM Flag

    best practices for HLF execs and Board

    If HLF execs take prudent, thought-out, rational steps in dealing with Ackman's raid, they can create a tremendous amount of shareholder value. Some ideas:

    1. Transparency-disclose, disclose, disclose. If don't know, say so. If plan to do better going forward, say so.

    2. Ask Dan Loeb for his ideas.

    3. Consider a tender offer, a large special dividend, a massive share buyback or all three.

    4. Massive show of force by Herbalife users, distributors explaining the benefits of Herbalife products and being involved with Herbalife in clear, easy-to understand language.

    5. Invite the FTC to review anything/everything,

    6. Do nothing with Ackman website URL's.

    7. Exhibit no anger, frustration, vindictiveness towards Ackman and other doubters. Instead, let #3 above do the talking.

    That's a start but I;m sure there are others-

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    • Transparency is good.

      What percentage of HLF's sales go to people NOT in the MLM pyramid?

      HLF should put their name on products.

      HLF should be transparent on these nutrition clubs before they are assaulted by state and local governments.

      Are they retail stores? They sell products(shakes) with milk yet they seem to be trying to skirt quietly around laws. Laws cover selling and storing food.

      Can I create a club(restaurant) and serve food(from the back) but avoid being regulated by the health department? Do I achieve this by winking at the customers and saying we are not a restaurant but what would you like for your appetizer? Can I avoid having a liquor license by having clients bring in alcohol and charging and container opening fee?:

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      • jkwelli, Have you ever opened an office and actually had to work with a local municipality? You have to apply for a business license. In this process, they place your business in the category they feel is most appropriate. The clubs I have seen (approx. 30 - 40) all have business licenses, the leasing agent will require evidence of insurance and most of the clubs have health permits. In addition the proprietors have taken the local sanitation classes. They have commercial sinks. Tax is paid on all material purchases from HLF, who then send it to the proper legal entity based on zip code it is shipped to. In addition, the Hispanic market teaches their distributors to use water to make the shakes. They have regular local training classes on the steps to take and what to expect when opening a club. Just doing a paper search and thinking you are an expert on the way HLF distributors are trained and local areas are organized with leave you with a condition of anal rectalitis, you don't know what you don't know.

      • They do not use milk, they use water.

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      • sounds like you have never seen one of their products

    • You have outlined fundamental objectives and responsibilities that should have governed HLF's actions. The question is why have they not done so?

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