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  • retailexecutive retailexecutive Feb 13, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

    Ackman is very disengenous

    This man claims to be fighting for the poor people who have been defrauded by HLF . It is nice to notice how public service oriented he is by presenting a 300+ deck just prior to year end and noting oh I am short and this company is going to zero. I congratulate him this strategy manuever paid him a fortune if he would have covered and he is still very much in the black on this trade. Time will tell if he can remain there. It is an action that is similar to yelling fire in a crowded theatre. People will run outside fast. I ran into the fire and bought at 26 and was stopped out at 41. I am coming back in soon.

    I like the way Billy is trying first to beg then to bully the FTC. I believe there may be some culpability on his part and it will not be hard to prove as his presentation says it all. The problem for him is his presentation is filled with half truths and whole lies throughout. This battle is only in the 3rd inning so we have some time to spend leaarning how to be unethical and immoral as well as potentially illegal.

    The prospect of a short squeeze is real but the company is going to have to do more than sit around and wait for it. This is a great opportunity to build huge value for the HLF shareholders and should not be passed up by Johnson.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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