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  • dip_199 dip_199 Feb 15, 2013 5:36 PM Flag

    How in the world did we go from 38 to 49 to 38 again!!

    Unbelievable!! I had so much faith in this stock, I was even optimistic it was going to stay in the high 40s from now and forever, ever since Ichan declared his love for the company. But to go down from 49 (pre-market) and back down to 38 is insane; that just shows this stock is not an investment stock anymore and it's a heaven for scalp and day traders. Many a nights this stock is going to get me high and then get me low if the up and down movement continues. To think, I was expecting Ackman to be suicidal, but hell no, this is a "battle ground stock" and for it to stay in the high 40s or even stay in the high 50s (if it gets there) will be a struggle. At this rate, Ackman will not be suicidal yet, but fidgety till the battle ends. The only way for this stock to "stay" at the desirable price range us longs are yearning for, is when ALL this murky, conflicting, debateable, contestable battle over the honesty over the company's way of practicing business is cleared and "free" from all doubts. For now, this stock is #$%$ me off and I hope Ackman can pee his pants when we hear a tender offer; that's when I can have a good night's rest, and this up and down movement can be gone forever.

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    • When elelphants dance, mice get trampled! Stay away on all sides.

    • if today was not Feb OPEX this would have stayed in the mid $40's-
      Getting my paper route money together now to buy MAR-$45 MAY $50 CALLS ---GL

    • There was definitely manipulation. At this point, my play is to hold until earnings. If we gap up before release, I will sell to break even. If not, I'll hold. I expect they will beat given all the large institutional interest buying into the stock recently. I definitely would look to get out if it breaks $50/share post earnings. One thing is for sure is that these guys didn't buy into this to take a huge loss. There's some plan behind all of this.

    • All they need to do is crush earnings, guide up, and announce buy backs. But that's a lot to ask for so knows.

    • I echo your sentiments... unknown to me until after hours Chapman exited all his shares and the NY Post ran the story at 3:45 pm ET, why he felt the need to announce it today is questionable to me unless there is a rule that he had to due to the amount he held?... That said CLEARLY others knew earlier somehow (perhaps there was a filing? I have no clue) or he was the cause of the decline today... I like all longs watched in disbelief as the decline continued to the end of day...

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      • Chapman exited? I'll have to look into that. This stock is clearly not an investment anymore, and day traders are going to wash away any paper gains one may earn over a period of time. Long term there may be a tender offer, but that sort of proposition is unknown and a gamble to put your money in HLF for that reason. Better to take profits if you have any and run away. I just still can't believe it went back down to 38!!!! This is a VERY dangerous stock.

    • Manipulation at it's finest. Carl is just helping some friends close out their long positions on the short lived bump he provided today.

      First thing I did this morning was short more, and it made up for my losses yesterday.

    • Someone kept saying it over and over yesterday.......PUMP AND DUMP. They were right on.

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