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  • vanheus44 vanheus44 Feb 17, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    Herbalife: Icahn Cometh - Could The Stock Be Worth $103.93 Per Share?

    That is the best article I've read on HLF in a long time-- and the exact reason why I see HLF taking off much higher. Ackman is completely screwed, and he is solely depending on FTC intervention which would never happen, otherwise the FTC would have already closed Cosco-- in which members have to pay membership fees at different tiers to buy products. I think Tuesday could be the last day for shorts to exit before this hits 40, then 50, 60, 70, possibly $103? People forget this is a big world, China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, have so much HLF growth potential its like selling HLF in the U.S. 30 years ago-- it is just getting started. If your long HLF-- don't make a mistake of putting a sell limit order in at $45 or something-- as Ichan could very well be working a deal right now for HLF at $100+ -- and you would be kicking yourself if you sold. As Ackman investors continue to leave Pershing-- it will just push HLF higher-- creating additional pressure as the squeeze takes hold. It is entertaining reading these message boards, you can see the shorts are terrified, and with good reason-- when HLF valuation is around $103.93 per share-- and headed that direction.

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    • Quite the herd mentality going on here.

      Seen this many times before - sheep going to slaughter. You think Icahn is going to make you longs money? Good chance he'll make some dough, but at your expense.

    • Anything is possible in a short squeeze. In the VW short squeeze, the shares went from 200 to 1,000. What is interesting about this comparison is that the WV shares were around 400 just a few weeks before it dropped to 200, with the short squeeze occurring shortly thereafter. Maybe a comparison of this price action could be made with that of HLF.

    • Nice.

    • And Apple(a real company)was supposed to go to $1,111.00.

    • You better short Cosco-- the FTC might close them down!! To funny. HLF is the strongest buy I've see in years, easy money on the long side as we slowly grind towards $100.

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      • I thought COSCO was related to shipping. When did they get into MLM ? Are they selling their ships/Containers using MLM?
        Or are you talking about the Tennis ball thing? I will have to be carefull when around the Tennis court.

      • Do u really believe that article - it says 100 $ + target ? My recommendation is - If u r options or intraday or very very short term player, then play with this stock. This has nothing for Long term investors. All MLM companies are like "Work from Home" internet ads !! it keeps all middle class families interested to make few bucks more - but never materializes. Ackman knows it is safest bet that will be more media attention with free of cost. Icahn took position for personal unliking of Ackman. FTC will not look into it as it knows what is about MLM, it is about marketing and not about product selling.

        Please do not compare Cosco and MLM's.. Everyone knows Cosco, Sam's Club (owned by Walmart) are not Multi level marketing.

        Also short term traders, it is fun in watching stock moving up and down - so much talk in public. I had been once to MLM meetings, it was hilarious how middle class is bullied to make extra bucks. In US, it is easier to do 2 - 3 jobs during your prime age and there is no fixed retirement age too. In other asian and soouth american countries, it is diffcult to work more than 1 job and fixed retirement age too. All these people will look for these kind of "MLM" to see if they can make few bucks.

        My Final statement - HLF will stuck @ range of 35 to 50. Nothing will move the stock till HLF finds some product like "Iphone" and good products does not need Marketing, they need Advertisements thats it.

        Sentiment: Hold

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