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  • csco_brat csco_brat Feb 19, 2013 7:39 PM Flag

    i'm suspicious of 10-20mm legal expense

    no lawsuits have been filed on either side. All they have done so far is hire that independent survey company and put on an analyst meeting.

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    • I was thinking the same thing. We haven't heard any meaningful response by anybody at the company. Why pay a law firm $10-20 Mill just so they can advise you to shut up?

    • From what I have read, Herbalife contacted the SEC after the allegations were made against them. I expect these fees were too attorneys. Certainly a company, after being accused of such things, would not simply let it go, while their market value and stock price has tumbled, no?

      I have no idea the viability of Herbalife. I would not think that, after 30 years of business and a high number of high profile investors buying their shares would conclude in them being shut down. Many of these guys do their homework, and I am sure they know something about this company that Ackman does not, because I have not heard many others outside of Ackman taking his side. Perhaps he is a genius. Only time will tell.

    • Cost money to go private. Moelis and co. Do not work cheap. Jmho-bucko

    • CARL ICAHN is just money of the year.

    • Ackman harmed this company. Do you think they are just going to let it go? If they were guilty and knew they were going to be shut down, they would be closing up shop and not predict any money being spent towards legal fees. Well maybe a little, but not 10-20 Million....

      They're going to sue him after he loses the bet...

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      • justinmonk is incredibly ignorant. You must be typical of the longs who have a very limited ability to think rationally. If someone harms your company, as you claims Ackman harmed HLF, then why have they not sued him for slander and libel? I will answer for you because you have limited processing ability. Because they don't want Ackman getting access to their internal records through the legal discovery process. Because they know if he does his accusations will not be slanderous but the TRUTH. Which of course, is the best defense. A legitimate company would have sued him before he got off the stage. LOL

    • lmoon39 Feb 19, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

      I'd be suspicious in a good way. It takes a lot of money and legal work to take a company private.

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      • You do not file a lawsuit from one day to the next, it takes at least a year to prepare and file and good sounded lawsuit, first you must gather enough substantial and factual evidence, you must also proof a lost or damages and once testimonies and many types of evidence is collected then everything must be reviewed and presented to a magistrate who comes to the determination if there is merit or not. Believe me HLF is getting prepared and a lawsuit will probably be the fatal shot to the heart.10-20 millions can put together the best of the best... if the lawsuit claims criminal wrong doing and s possible indictments then it could be more complicated and it can take longer.

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