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  • naomifrances naomifrances Mar 4, 2013 9:20 PM Flag

    so who on the board is an actual HLF distributor?


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    • are people embarrassed to say they use Herbalife? ??? i've never tried it - no one's ever approached me to try it -- never see anyone in front of any store or gym or any fliers reading "come try herbal life" -- HAVE seen cars (not lately - used to see them more) w/ that "lose weight now - ask me how" labeling all over them. have not seen one of these in over a few years though...

      while everyone always likes to talk "war of the titans" -- no one ever talks HLF product, business model -- whether the pps prior to the drama even justified itself. Apple justified 700...til it didn't. FB justified 38...til it didn't. Sino forest justified whatever--til it went BK after muddy looked under the hood.

      why is the other fact that quite perhaps HLF didn't justify $70 being discussed? when's the last time YOU saw one of those "lose weight now ask me how" cars? or do they only drive around the barrio now? ??? ???? or are they gone -- thus relevant to "not" a $70 price per share

      just wondering. IF someone - in a very clean antiseptic looking gym - were passing out little samples of HLF shake or whatever, sure I'd take a sample -- if the person doing it looked clean and YES-I would directly ask him "did you get this mix STRAIGHT from the manufacturer...or did you buy it discount from some going out of business HLF distributor selling it out of his garage for pennies -- cause that's what ya'll distributors do?"

      if the icahn/ackman thing never happend - i'd never think twice about asking an HLF distributor this question. Since Ackman pointed out the flawed HLF business model - and looking at all the "dump HLF" ads on craigs, man, YOU had better make sure the distributor is ordering STRAIGHT from HLF or you may be getting recycled "been thru seventeen distributors garages" fore it gets to your table HLF mega-vitamin-make you lose weight- make you grow 10 inches there - make you rich, beautiful, popular--shake mix.

      lol... what a drama. so funny to watch!

    • Cult members are forbidden from conversing with normal folks.

    • umm that is why u need to cover. lol lot of people 20% is US! think outside the box.

    • anyone actually use the junk? diet shakes? amway...avon...mary kay...shaklee...nuskin...tupperware...

      does HLF do like pink cadillacs like mary kay? or white mercedes like that other skin company? (white cause they're "pure") lol....

      who feels sorry for people who get suckered into this stuff?

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