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  • karmakahuna karmakahuna Apr 19, 2013 6:36 PM Flag

    AFTER BS EARNINGS REPORT PPS WILL PLUNGE so i goona short this POSin shortterm

    KPMG scandal will ruin PPS growth same as ENRON and TWA,,ICAHN IS USING EVERY DIRTY TRICK HE KNOWS IN AND OUT OF BOOK,,,HLF will become IEP TAX_WRITEOFF for 2013 tav yearend,,LOL

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    • interesting that you resurrected this old post Gordito1954,,wrote this stuff after drinking a bottle of whiskey,,However if you recall this stock went up 5 bcks just week before dividend march 1st where the PPS hovered around 42.50 then dropped tp recent lows,, Now about 2 months later the PPS is approaching 42 again,..Still too early i figure to go long here unless the pps gets to 45 and continues to climb...This could start dropping again as after march 1st,,Allready put the funds from sale of this into GILD,,PFE and ACAD,,Figure pharma is safe this spring to fall, My spec funds are still sitting in bear shares of precious and base metals,Also dumped my IEP at recent highs as it took about two months for that PPS to regain as well and i might regret selling the IEP later but still figure big pharma is safer,IEP has a habit of closing at 74 and opening next morning at 70 or previously after exdiv it closed at 90 and opened next morning at 70.Volitility that is not justified by news announcements etc, Figure as that also took 2 months to regain its former PPS it was time to dump that as well,, Will probably put any spare funds into XLF and ITB as those ETFs had great returns last year.GLTA trading this to recover losses.

    • are you short at all? just asking. short vrtx so much better return 5 billion in one day add umm no at 85.xx now back to 70 after their earnings!!!

    • Carl icahn mf will be buried under herbalife paper ash in his grave

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Karma, karma, karma cameleon,,,,,,,, KPMG scandel is a black mark for,,,,,,, KPMG! Get it right Bad Karma.

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      • Mark my typed words gord because after the """spin doctors"""on CNBC and CNN get through with HLF not having accurate audited financial statements for last three years this MLM called HLF is gonna have accusations of stockPPS manipulations etc, It gonna stink so bad that PPS gonna probably go lower than previous 52week lows,,And yes i am a karmacameleon,, I am short/long and whatever else makes me money,,I buy both sides of vix at the same time and bull and bear shares of natural gas and gold at the same time,,Whatever works is what i like,,I am addicted to making money but i dont rip-off the poor or middle class..That is what casinos,,lotteries and MLMs like Herbalife, Amway etc do with their BS seminars like some Ponzi-scheme hustlers that promise you 20% paid monthly and 2-3 years later your original investment is gone along with the guy who took your cash,,Just watch """American Greed""on CNBC for the details and learn from the other rich/poor fishes mistakes,,, GLTA trying to get rich with MOASS,,NOT gonna happen,,

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