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  • hudget hudget Jun 12, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

    Great News

    Nielson data confirms that the average HLF distributor in the US has 13 customers who bought SOME product in the last 3 months. So that means at least one can of refined highly processed food like substance per week per distributor sold to family and friends at discount if not below cost. Powerful news for longs. LOL

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    • figures lie and liars figure. How about the average sales price ? How many distributors ? Sounds like a winning formula if the average is that good the median must be excellent. How many new distributors a day ? A lot wow how many of those will perform in the upper quartile ? Wow !! No wonder they do billions. I would be careful shorting this stock if i were you. You need to understand the perfect language of logic is numbers. You need to understand the language to understand what the numbers are telling you. Right now they are telling me this is a very bad outlook for short positions recently taken.

    • I'm looking at the numbers... are HLF products now more popular in the US than Pet Rocks were?

    • Your short position is down almost $2 this morning. You clearly needed to have that pointed out.

    • Ya, I am sure you don't eat anything processed hudget. I am sure you are 100%vegan. Why don't you go bash the cambells or the pepsi boards? Didn't you say there were no customers in this pyramid scheme? Haha. the writing is on the wall here. You better cover. Your short ship on your hudget budget is going down.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I am anything but vegan but I do eat mostly a paleo diet. I like to eat real food not processed crapola. Especially highly processed over priced crapola sold as health food. Especially when marketed by a pyramid structure. Of course it has been so long since I have even seen anything related to HLF on the street I would not even know they are still around except for the press. And I currently have no position in hlf although if stupid longs continue to push it up enough I might have to reenter. But thanks for you concern, it truly is touching.

    • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....$2.00 gain........Burn.............

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