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  • hughes.markd hughes.markd Jun 22, 2013 8:28 AM Flag

    Herbalife doesn't have to hide the facts...they work closely with FTC

    Michael Johnson earns his 2 million a month salary, he knew from his education from following Amway that having an open and close relationship with the FTC is paramount, he has said he is working with them to make changes back in January while defending his company, the FTC unlike Ackman gets anything they wish to study and you can rest assured the FTC was FEDEXed the Nielsen minutes after the study was completed.

    Or perhaps the FTC told HLF we don't need to see the report Mr Johnson, we know more about your legal and ethical operation than you do sir and thanks for the Galaxy tickets

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    • What Ackman never dreamed of is how powerful the MLM world was even before Warren Buffett feel in love with it. Warren actually knows about the poor folks that enter the Pampered Chef with nothing....and made it big time, he is stocked, just like the HLF folks are and the Amway folks are, its not the ones that drop out, its the ones that persevere and win.

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    • Are you posting from jail?

      Dacula Man Arrested Twice in One Week

      Police say Saturday’s arrest is man’s third this year.
      Posted by Kristi Reed (Editor), March 22, 2011 at 12:36 am
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      A Dacula man is facing numerous charges after a March 19 incident in Buford.

      An officer responding to a call of a stranded motorist at the intersection of South Hill Street and Buford Highway found Mark Hughes, 49, of 3357 Fielders Point in Dacula, “covered from his face to his feet in vomit.”

      Hughes’ vehicle, a 2000 Porsche, had damage along the right side of the vehicle. Part of the frame had been torn away, the tire well was damaged and mud and grass coated the side of the vehicle according to the police report. Hughes said he was not injured and reportedly asked the responding officer several times if he could park his car on the curb and return for it later.

      After noticing an odor of alcoholic beverage on Hughes’ breath and person, the officer asked Hughes how much alcohol he had consumed. Hughes reportedly replied that he had consumed three beers. The officer noted Hughes’ speech was slurred and thick and that Hughes was swaying back and forth.

      The officer attempted to administer field sobriety tests, but could not due to Hughes’ level of impairment. The officer was also unable to get an alco-sensor reading after Hughes failed to provide a sufficient breath sample.

      Based on the damage to Hughes’ vehicle and obvious signs of physical impairment, the officer placed Hughes under arrest for DUI. When the officer read the Georgia Implied Consent Notice to ask Hughes to submit to the state administered test of his breath, Hughes allegedly replied, “Not here.” When the officer asked if Hughes was agreeing or refusing to take the test, Hughes again replied, “Not here.”

      The off

    • Where do you come up with this C*R*A*P? Who told you the FTC works closely with HLF? How do you know what the FTC thinks? Are you sitting on their lap? You are a lying moron.

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