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  • retailexecutive retailexecutive Jun 23, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    As predicted the shorts re in full screaming scramble

    Putting on their last hop. i will admit the general market timing is not bullish but the 10 day moving average for HLF actually crossed up over the 15 day moving average on Friday. This is a very bullish signal for HLF. Shorts are arguing more about distributors leaving than legal, this shows they know how bogus that argument really is. If they understood how a mlm really works it would not be as big a deal as they are attempting to paint it. No matter time is on the side of the company not the' Ackman Acolytes". I kind of like it they can get into a 12 step program to successfully re-enter trading the markets after they go toes up here like their leadership .AA members you may now post. Please begin by admitting you really do not know why or how you found yourself in this bad position. Problem identification is the first step. lol.

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    • Yes you said that very well. These shorts are going to lose their behinds big time. Flutie told me to go long so I did. That was about 10% higher last week or so but I still have faith. Once our great management team compiles and releases all the retail sales data from distributors and shows the immense profits distributors are making selling this product at retail the short will be CRUSHED. I just wish they would quit wasting time with surveys by very reputable companies and get to the heart of the matter and compile and release actual retail sales data that our new auditing firm PWC could verify. That will put Ackman on his heals bigtime. I am a little worried about the minus 5% today however, as Flutie told me to expect 3% daily gains. Man my timing really sucks.

    • There was no 10 day moving through 15 moving day on friday that is a bullish indicator. The MACD, fast and slow stochastic, price crossed below 21 day moving average, Williams %R are all bearish. Where do you clowns get your technical analysis?

    • Not sure about that. Fow futures -29. bucko

    • Next week will be the beginning of the end for the shorts. Now is the best time to cover their short position, because as soon as the big boy Ackman starts covering it's going to be too late. How many more times can Pershing do press releases to stop the MOASS from happening before people realize Ackman is full of it & has been trying to take down a legit company for profit. Look for some significant upward movement between now and the delivering alpha conference. Icahn has every reason to create some sparks before the Dell deal.

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