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  • octopus1_2000 octopus1_2000 Jul 5, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

    Prediction for Next Week. Ackman and CNBC's Herb Greenberg will Attack HLF. Why?

    Because it is encroaching upon $50.00 I've stated this several times before and like clockwork the negatives are flung like fiery arrows from a band of medieval archers.

    In my opinion, $50 is Ackman's major fear point. A breakout to $60.00 likely will happen pretty fast once we close above $50.00

    Mr. Icahn can't sell until it reaches $70. or so if I remember correctly, so the push and trend for big long investors is $70.00

    If Ackman covers, this stock will hit $90+ in my opinion. If Longs get greedy and hold, it will hit $120.

    Watch and see next week. It's coming.

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    • You can see on Greenberg's face that he is an #$%$. He sells himself to anybody who pays him.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • First of all, Ackman has no basis in his so called thesis. It is more like a novel, fiction, may be even science fiction.

      Secondly, I am sure that HLF would have hit over $100 by now if it wasn't for Einhorn and then Ackman. The b.s. scared a lot of investors off. However, the stock still remains fundamentally sound. Company is solid and nect earnings coming on July 29th should show an even larger increase in growth worldwide, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

      Third, look for Ackman to cover when Hlf goes over $50. This could and should HLF to over $70-$80 easy. By the way, have you noticed that Ackman is selling puts on HLF? This is a bullish strategy. Also note that August calls have been unusually active. A lot of bullishness out there and the shorts have been noticeably silent.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I really think ackman expects it to hit 50. This is a long term investment for ackman

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