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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Aug 2, 2013 7:48 AM Flag

    ******* THE RIP TO $70 CONTINUES *******

    The RIP run to $70 is still underway, but it may take a couple more days with the up $3 settle back half the rise pattern seen in the algo trading here as hedge shorts come off by day. That leaves just hAckman (who is likely hedged out to $70 now) and the imbecilic unhedged shorts posting their blithering stupidity all day here.

    Meanwhile, longs holding on through next Thursday will also get the $.30/share dividend which, doing the math, equates to an annualized cash yield of 23.8%. LOL Anyone earning 24% on their short Treasurys, mma or CDs with the endorsement of major private capital players like Icahn and Soros?

    As the buybacks continue to compress the non-insider float here and the friendly chaps long the shares together all pull their rehypothecation meaning their shares can not be lent out, the borrow rate on stock loans will continue to elevate -- perhaps to levels up there where the div yield is for the next week. if any retail holders have significant shares in a margin account (loanable shares), you ought to call your broker and instruct them to restrict them (put them on non-rehypothecation status). That way your shares can not be lent out either. Icahn's "mother of all short squeezes" is about to take the baton from the "daughter of short squeezes" already underway as the stock has rallied roughly 75% from where we said it would get to $70 this year... for Carl, it is more like 100% up.
    EOY? LOL

    After the ex div date of August 9, a week later, we'll get to see the new 13Fs -- and maybe a 13d by Soros' fund to boot.

    Did I mention the shorts were hosed here? Oh yeah, we did (two bucks above the bottom on the second dip to mid $30s last Spring)... $70 coming up at 200 mph now.

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