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  • icahnoclast icahnoclast Sep 3, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    William/Bill Keep is Clearly a Paid Basher

    He needs to lose his "neutral" stance claim. Any action from the FTC MUST be MLM industry wide otherwise they will be seen as acting on behalf of a billionaire HF manager for profit. There is no reason a professor needs to weigh in on an individual company when they are following the same business practices across the industry.

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    • You are 100% correct. The Wall Street Game is manipulated for certain. You can ride the flow of the game get off and off early enough as to not be trampled by the herd. And know when it is safe to enter by really doing your homework. Ackman did his homework but from a bias that MLM is illegal . It can be but the big key players that are public do not need to and can not afford to operate outside the law. There are plenty of experts to speak with on this matter. It is mixed opinions to be sure but the laws have continued to get tougher on these entities and they understand that they must comply. What is really wrong with a company investing part of its' margin in marketing ? Nothing. Is is better to invest in newspaper ads, tv and internet communication messages ? Is that going to make you more legal ? More ethical than investing in your distribution network ? Not at all. You must protect this network with reasonable return policies to prevent forced loading of the distribution network. You must have a product that stands the test of the market place in its' appeal and perception of efficasy . I believe Nu-Skin, Avon, Amway and Herbalife all operate ethically and legally and dispite the protest of Ackman so do the government agencies and it is unlikely that they will change their point of view to stisfy Wall Street Corruption.
      It is interesting to note with all the negative publicity that this space has received that all the companies mentioned continue to grow very well. The market place has made a firm decision on the MLM strategy and it is favorable when the rules are followed. Good luck and buy now on this dip.

    • Yeah, what do those fugging professor types know? Just because he is a noted expert from a prestigious University does not mean he's smarter than us. Just because he has spent twenty years studying and teaching buisness with a focus on MLMs does not mean he's not a pinhead. He probably has a needle #$%$ too.

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      • mother_cabrini_pray_for_us mother_cabrini_pray_for_us Sep 3, 2013 11:43 AM Flag

        "....... from a prestigious University". Keep may be right.....Keep may be wrong.....but the College of New Jersey ain't a noted anything. Diploma mill at best.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • This guy is just a starstruck academic who marvels at the "company he now keeps" having been blessed as an expert by those same people ("I declare you an expert!" "Oh thank you sir". It doesn't take 20 years of study/teaching to have a bit of common sense about what is happening here. There is zero chance that the FTC takes action against only one business when they are following standard industry practices. Until the FTC clarifies the rules it cannot take action on one company, especially one with such a high profile and so much $ to be made. This marketing professor spends way too much time blogging about HLF to be neutral.

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