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  • retailexecutive retailexecutive Oct 18, 2013 6:53 PM Flag

    This explains why the shorts who continually rant are continually long over any trading cycle of more than a few days.

    It is pretty clear that the long term short posters here are all net losers and the long term long holders are net winners by a huge margin. This is a zero sum gain game and I know how much I have won and I know other longs have made a lot here as well. This means the losers enjoy losing. Most boards that I own shares of the stock the losers long or short virtually disappear after getting smacked by the smart side of the trade. Not here these boys even turn it up a notch when Billy their Grand Wizard admits defeat and runs for cover. They will continue to lose or win very little on short term short trades and always be at risk of getting killed as the long term bias is up and the trend is still intact and will remain that way for sometime to come. Huge over hangs exist against the short side such as the timing of when the buy back will begin again ,not if but when. Continued revenue and profit growth and a stock that is still very under valued ( Vector Vest values the stock currently at over $96 per share ) The short thesis still remains the same as the very beginning and that is that it ia an illegal pyramid scheme. To believe this you must ignore 32 years of solid operating experience and a management team that has made a lot of changes to the business model making it a very safe and cheap investment to become a sales distributor or a discount seeking end user or even both. It is not about how much you make for most distributors it is about a life style investment and those that have the skill set and the work ethic to follow a disciplined plan can also make a very nice return on investment without filling up their garage contrary to what many shorts believe. They have to fight for this inane point of view or admit openly that they are losers. Look no one wins them all but the smartest investors that I know well and I know many always limit their losses. And guard against being caught up in emotion. This is why I closed out. I had a disciplined stop and I left.

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