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  • retailexecutive retailexecutive Oct 18, 2013 7:26 PM Flag

    Part 2 Why losers continue to lose

    I will re-enter here and nearly did this week but I will get back in before earnings as I am believe the company is maintaining the trend line on financial metrics. The audit will be fine no Board Director would make the public statement he made if there was any doubt of the outcome. Ackman probably had a schiza hemorrhage when he read that. The company will have the audit and a lot of cash on hand even without a recap to complete the remainder of the buy back before beginning a new one. can you imagine what this will do for the valuation ? Wow !!! Icahn can for sure. Even Bill can get it and those puts will become an albatross just like the shares he could not cover yet. Losing is habitual unless you limit your losses as all you shorts are learning. Always thinking maybe if I short here at price X. The profits are never made until the trade closes and the longs have the smarter traders here for sure. There will not be any action by the FTC as there are no laws being broken. Disclosure has always been clear and while this is a nice opportunity for the go getters it will not kill the ones that find it is not for them. So clearly the short side does not really understand the blood nature of zero sum gain. To get a better understanding they should continue to hold these short positions a little longer and get ready to see the 70 + range and then the 80+ and then the 90 + . And Ackman will be strangled and probably try to short his way out and that will not work in my opinion. So congratulations to the long side investments and cogent posts and thank yu to the short side.

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