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  • texexec63 texexec63 Oct 29, 2013 1:15 PM Flag


    dividend raise -NOPE
    2 billion dollar buy back - NOPE
    audit finished - NOPE
    HLF going to 92 - NOPE
    flutie and deadlift and squeezefool would buy new cheer leader outfits - YES


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    • No one said that HLF was going to 92 in one day, you childish Dip-Wad !

      Besides, you pump HLF half of the time under your Swarmi alias, so I guess it depends on you mood swings and whatever drugs or alcohol you are under the influence of, eh Big Mouth Dummy ?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You really are #$%$, huh.

      I have made no one any promise, neither has my partner who posts from time to time.

      I have never said a dividend raise was coming. We could care less what the dividend is here except we love that shorts have to pay it to the borrow source.

      I articulated that they may (MAY -- not ever close to a promise) have the recert ready for a quiet filing and MAY be ready to lay out their leveraged buyback program for all the naysayers to suk upon along with Woddy Allen's sock full of horse dung. Obviously the recert is still on their "NO LATER THAN EOY" schedule as they emphasized that on the CC and in the 10Q... but, even better than that, they made it clear with a wink that they are coming with a leveraged transaction once they have the sign off on recert financials. I know you are mentally impaired, but read my posts here from all day and you'll learn the financials are already redone for the immaterial tax provision and opening r/e effects. Buybacks will continue from the treasury desk tho you punks all said no on that until your sock arrived in my buyback post.

      Ramey's target is $92. My is $90+. The best part is my PT is there without the BIG levered buyback now on the strength of the fundamentals. OTP, you might want to hold hands with your imhummia alias and go to a basic finance class to learn what "fundamentals" means. Your dopey comments above are NOT that. ROFLOL

    • very good analysis of the fundamentals - keep publishing the truth.

      Flutie - Squeeze: "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth" ( Jack Nicholson, a few good men ).

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      • Truth? You Can't Handle the Truth !

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • and hey putzbreath, remember when you throw dog S around most people on the street want to stuff it up your nose and down your throat -- just like Woody Allen's horse dung sock. LOL So here's a quote for you:

        "There you go, getting sand all up in your vaughinnna again." LOL

      • Truth? FY and read the truth above.

        "Fundamentals"? None of tex s head's comments involve "fundamentals". You numb effers are a riot -- what part of Pakistan are you putzes from?

        HLF's "fundamentals" are cranking! Record revs, record ebit, record ebitda, record earnings and eps, record new members, record number of new and total markets, and 16 Q of beat and raise outperformance while compressing float and generating outstanding ROE and earnings yield for shareholders. Those are "fundamentals." Put that in your crack pipe and eat all of the #$%$ you put on your plate Herman. LOL

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