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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Oct 30, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    Icahn shares his side of the story (Fox video)

    Goog this title to see the video with Icahn being interviewed re aapl and HLF. Great parallels between the two stories, except Carl is not in contest with HLF. LOL

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    Icahn shares his side of the story

    You can skip past the AAPL part, but his comments on HLF this week were great. A few highlights:
    Asked how he will be able to exit such a concentrated position, he explains he loves what is happening with HLF, lots of growth ahead, solid mgmt, etc., and then he says he has owned some positions for 15-20 years because of the bright future they have and good job they are doing.

    After discussing why it is imperative that AAPL initiate a huge ($150B) leveraged buyback, he repeats, immediately before earnings, that HLF is "VERY UNDERVALUED"... of course, anyone who went to b school and understand cash flow metrics and that Ackman's crying "wolf" is all bs already knows that, but Carl is obviously in a position to do something about it with his two henchmen on the HLF BOD.

    He then re-emphasizes what a great growth trek HLF has ahead.

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    • Given that Carl is 77 already, holding this for his 15-20 playout means his son's will be managing IEP when the shares reach potential. LOL

      Obviously Carl's point was that he and IEP have no intention of flipping out of this 16% and likely rising prior to the now essentially guided leverage buyback coming prior to Icahn's February lockup expiry... the stock will be MASSIVELY higher than his $73 lockout handle by then anyway as the recertified historical financials (already restated for the tax immaterial differential formerly included in the KPMG certified financials), debt deal prospectus and huge leveraged buybacks program supplants the current treasury desk buybacks which ran $110m at $64/share last Q vs the "AT LEAST" $50m/Q guidance.

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