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  • ewcraleigh ewcraleigh Nov 6, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    I know things that you all don't. You will have eggs on your faces in a month.

    I know things in this presentation later this month that is going to make all you longs have a very bad end of the year. Be prepared. Don't say I didn't warn you here.

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    • Took longer than expected but finally the truth is coming to light. The big bombshell comes in Ackman's next presentation.

    • I have special powers that nobody else have.. I SEE STUPID PEOPLE AND I SEEEE YOUUU.......

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    • You know things? You know you're a big clown living in your mom's basement eating coco pops, trying to survive mopping floors at your nearby Burger King.

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    • Are you Ackman's friend?

    • I see he chose not to divulge these details in this conference today, to my surprise. Rather, he chose to allude to them in the Bloomberg interview by saying he has shared them with authorities. With that said ...

      I admit I was wrong in projecting a one month time frame during which longs will have the proverbial "eggs on your faces." I should not have assumed he would share the details in the conference. But make no mistake ...

      The facts will come out. And I'm sure the delay in the auditing is due to these facts.

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      • You're so totally right... the time related to re-certification of the audits wouldn't be related to the fact that the company operates in over 80 countries and that 3 years of results had to be verified due to the misconduct of the KPMG principal that oversaw their audits. Yeah, any reputable auditing firm should just bang that #$%$ out in a weekend. It must *TOTALLY* be that they are a pyramid scheme. Come on, get real. If Bill had smoking gun evidence, he would have put it out there because it would extricate him from the ugly trade he started.

    • "I know things that you all don't"-
      Isn't that the exact message of the "leak" about Ackman's intent to present.
      Some may think that it is just empty fearmongering-
      I think you should prove them wrong - show us all that you "know" things that we don't -

      TELL US - that will prove your point

      then again if you choose to stay silent, how do I distinguish your statement form that of the five year old who asserts tht they can fly, but "just don't want to show you"?

    • So this is how I see it. Bill Ackman, although clearly a d*ck, is a very intelligent Harvard MBA, right? Now a Harvard MBA should know - since it's common sense to any investor - that announcing damaging "new information" would have a much greater impact if delivered by surprise. And there are all kinds of option plays one could use (not the most morally agreeable strategies but as we know that would not stop this do*che) to profit IMMENSELY if this news were to be announced without a pre-announcement. But like I said, I think the guy is smart, so what's his logic? I think this strange looking person (not my words) is scared sh*tless that the re-audit will be finished soon or since he has the resources to know such things he probably knows this is true. So he pre-announces this ground-breaking presentation in order to get all of his short-followers riled up and while they sell short, he covers (like today). And he is probably ordering his team at this very moment to gather more worthless information, or to put it more accurately, re-use his past materials (maybe he can even cite some of the information used by Matt Stewart - the most "brilliant" of his Seeking Alpha crew) just so that he has SOMETHING to prove he wasn't lying. And anyway, after a completed re-audit he could easily say he canceled his presentation until further notice. So to me, this sounds a lot more like the intelligent, conniving, scared little geek that is willing to disregard all investing (and moral) standards in order to save himself that he is. Oh wait, he's giving away all of his gains, that must means he's a good human being. What a joke, he's doing that for the publicity and to get more investors. So that's what's going on with this pre-announcement of an announcement business. And to be honest, I really hope that's what his reason for the pre-announcement is - otherwise I have just lost a lot of respect for Harvard - which, as an MIT grad, might not be such a bad thing either...

    • I know things that other people don't know too. You eat your own poooo. Now go change your shitstained diaper you bashing loser.

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