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  • hudget hudget Feb 25, 2014 5:36 PM Flag

    What IF

    the FTC orders all MLM's to track and record all retail sales like TUP already does? And to track the average selling price sold at? Oh yea, the end of the MLM if it operates like HLF. If it operates like Tupperward or Pampered Chef it has a bright future. WEB said as much in an interview about his MLM pampered chef when he compared it to the likes of HLF.

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    • If forced to operate like other legit businesses, they will undoubtedly fail. Its the MLM machine that makes money, not its products. It only needs a product X to pass along. In itself the product does not need to be useful, just an idea of a useful product.

    • Hudget you are useless and telling lies again. I sign a contract to buy at a discount and resell a product.The product I eat or use is still a retail sale for my supplier.All distributors have decided to make their own business and their own money.More distributors more product sales.This is the point where the shorts lose money.You can cross your wires here if you want.Money is not made from recruiting its made from product sales only and the more people selling the better.Now comes the whining about market saturation "prove it".All distributors can sell to anyone anywhere in the world.Some more whining will be heard about inventory loading and we need proof of actual retail sale price.That is up to each independent distributor suggested is just that suggested.There is no proof of inventory loading,is there Hudget?Neilsen and lieberman studies both prove HLF is legit.Any court in the world will recognize their relevance.

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      • What you and I think does not really matter. What matters is the FTC position and the test cases. They are clear. An MLM needs more sales outside the network than within if it is going to be a legitimate "direct seller". Courts have ordered the capture of relevant retail sales data. Otherwise it is an illegal money transfer scheme. The only question is why have the regulators and courts not been enforcing their own standards? maybe they will start. When they do start longs in this equity are totally screwed. This is not complicated. How many cans of Formula 1 do you need to sell each day to make minimum wage?

    • What if hudget is exposed for being a HYPOCRITE? What's the word for a person who pumps a stock one day for his own gain and then bashes the same stock later calling it a pyramid scheme when he is short?

      That's what you do hudget, you HYPOCRITE.

    • What if you woke up?

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