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  • bluesky_there_to_here bluesky_there_to_here Jul 29, 2014 1:56 PM Flag

    HLF Went Way Below the Stock Legitimacy Marker called the 200 day Simple Moving Average last pm and today so far. See opportunity yet?

    HLF stock went all the way from $4.33 above the 200 day SMA to right now being $5.59 below it, a reversal of $9.92 for what reason????? What reason???

    It lost about the same amount of share price on 4/11/14 for a humongously scarier reported reason than missing EPS estimates by 1 penny and giving increased guidance.

    There has to be a statement from at least one of the huge long HLF investors today you would think shedding some light on this opaque situation that has occurred.

    I guess CNBC is avoiding asking them any questions on this day for some unknown reason. Why would they not want comment from them today??? I bet they will be beating down their doors for comments from the largest HLF long investors around say.... a couple days from now. How did I figure that one out???? Observations, for whatever it's worth. Not much I guess, considering the flat pancake share price since last night's early afterhours trading session.


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    • Technical analysis fails under extraordinary circumstances like HFL being a fraudulently operated concern.

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        emmetrope_ou • Jan 8, 2014 4:24 PM Flag

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        Under Johnson they fired most worker making over minimum wage.
        Shorting a stock doesn't change earrings like getting rid of experienced works does.
        A short seller is taking an unlimited downside risk and a limit upside. If the short seller is correct why can,t she be happy if her take on the stocks future movement Is correct?


        Like Carl Icahn said, "shorting is what you do when you don't have any money".

        Shorts who sell the shares that others have bought and use it against them when there is no functional multi cent uptick rule in the market anymore, do not deserve the benefit of the doubt.
        They can bear raid a stock now ever since early 2000 and the financial centers and banks that have public common stock in America's stock exchanges, whose stability depends on their common stock's share price, are all at risk because of it. And since they are all at risk because of it, the United States of America is at risk because of it. Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany totally ticked off the shorting houses when she stood up to them trying to SHORT HER COUNTRY'S banks into the dirt share price levels. Oh they didn't expect that to hit them when they were "licking their financial chops" on the gains of another's potential financial destruction.

        DYODD JMHO

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