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  • steve1337 steve1337 Nov 27, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

    Now that we are VIEW, where do we actually stand?

    We have a co that has more then 2 times the evaluation of our stock price. We have a new business, that I just don't understand what they intend to do. Kang is still the CEO. How long will it take for the entire co funds to get into his own pocket? 3 mos? 6 mos? Who of you has any idea what will take this co stock price up? Lets say Kank continues to buy stock for himself at todays price. Who else wants it. View is willing to buy back another $10M shares leaving 18Mil left. They want to pay as little as possible per share so they have no reason to allow the shares to rise. Then I figure Kang will step in and take over the entire co. So in effect, he will be paying another maybe $50 M for the rest of it. So he would have bought a company worth maybe $700M for about $225M. And we all allow this to happen because we have really no say in the operation that is controlle by him. Sounds like he read George Soro's Book. At 4.91 cents a share, the amount of cash in the till, I am willing to sell my stake of 7000 shares right now! Thats because I feel that it will NEVER get to that price while I am still alive. SO are there any takers? Who out there thinks that I am wrong and why?

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