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  • checksoil checksoil Mar 23, 2006 2:28 PM Flag

    Any others out there....

    Where are the longs today? Take the time to post. Hell, I have a bunch of stocks I deal with. Say anything...don't sit back and relax. Express your thoughts and feelings....

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    • Your analysis on dilution is very reasonable.

      I think this stock will go bust $5+ sooner or later. The two heaviest trading days in February both closed much lower than intraday high, suggesting that some big guys were actively selling above $4 then. That worries most guys here including me. However, the current price, after a down-up cycle, is holding at around the breakout point of last December going into earnings, which is pretty positive.

      I guess there will be a very positive announcement next week. We got a very positive analyst coverage initialized this week; CEO of the company suggested excellent sales from ENZO stores in the recent announcement; The Dutton conference is coming�� All these, put together, suggest good earning. But I don��t want to say the stock will immediately break into new high.

      I feel comfortable holding my shares, since the amount is such that even bad things happened, I will not get hurt much. I have no intent to sell in short term because I think it is very undervalued and I always have the feeling that this stock might make a very crazy move someday (perhaps due to acquisition news.)

    • Tam-
      I am not nervous going into Monday. Think about it...why would JADE deliver bad news with all of those investor meetings set up. Monday, JADE will deliver as promised. I will bet anybody on this message board that JADE will raise guidance for fiscal 06'. If you don't believe me. I have done my homework and JADE will deliver big time.
      I know some people don't like to post. But it takes time to get the real information out there. I want the longs to make make me feel good. I strongly believe in Karma.
      Investing is a tough business...when I put my money into a company, I have done my dd.
      For Friday, Longs becareful of a quick run up than dump and back up again. I have seen this trick to many times. Good luck to all.

    • Youll get no reply on your concerns. Anything negative is not tollerated her. Just look at checks original post. It says any other longs express something. You cant run by anything negative in this board or you will be labeled a "BASHER". I am long though bought more shares 2 days ago. Ready to breakout the RALLY MONKEY!

    • OK, Check I wasn't going to post untill earnings were out but since you called out us longs. I decided I would let everyone know that I am long on this stock and lazy, not obiese though.

      I think this earnings release will be crucial going forward. I dont think that managment will pull the same crap they have pulled in the past. In fact anyone that has been with Jade for over a year can see that this week has been much diffrent coming up to earnings. No usual run up right befor earnings. I have said many times Jade managment likes to fill their pockets but they are not stuipid and when they get to a point when they can make more from the sp advancing than from dillution they will let sp run up. That time is now. They know they are at a turning point. They need institutions and investor confidence.

      Wish I liked your posts. I think anyone long even Check, is a little nervous going into next week. Shogy isn't scared. Oh yeah I forgot he has only been in this stock for 2 months. Hopefully he will not ever have a reason not to trust managment. Well other than the fact that he bought in during the last dillution run up and dump.


    • I am with you all the way here. The more I do research on JADE the more I get very confident, therefore I don't have to watch it as much as before. Traders who were selling before the close are just small time day traders. I believe strongly in JADE, otherwise I would not be spending my time here when I can spend more time with my family. I have accumulated more on the dip in the past and have not sold a single share since then. I wish to retire early from the money I will be making from JADE in the future.

      You noticed every afternoon after 2.30 PM, everyday, you do not see my post. Well, instead of having some one pick up my daughter at school I bring her dog Poodle to pick her up myself.

      Tea time!
      ULtra long

    • hehe, Do you really think the same old management will change overnight?

    • I hesitate to offer an opinion that may offend checksoil, but fools do rush in where angels have the good sense not to tread:

      Based on past experience I am quite skeptical of the very short term (i.e., holding through earnings). If tomorrow is a good day I plan to sell in the afternoon so as not to hold through earnings. If it is a sideways or down day, I don't know yet. I had fully expected us to be in the 4.00 neighborhood now, which would have had me selling tomorrow regardless of the day's action itself.

      I still like the company long term but I simply would rather lose out on unrealized gains than suffer realized losses considering my view of the respective odds here (short term, remember).

      For everyone else's sake, I hope I'm wrong. I don't hold enough shares currently for it to be a big difference one way or the other to me, but I know that some of you do. In any case, I may well be on a buying spree in earnest after things settle in at some point after the earnings announcement.

    • Well, Check, you asked for commentary, I gave some, but all I see is this back and forth nonsense. Do you (or anyone else for that matter) have any opinions about my comments and concerns?

    • You are to funny...Get the courage and buy some shares. I think I saw a little firework go off in the distance....

    • check is so bitter.
      I guess he loaded a full load of jade with margin.
      But jade haven't moved nearly like he wanted.

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