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  • tambourine_man_43326 tambourine_man_43326 Jun 21, 2006 1:06 PM Flag


    When ever I am feeling down and pesimistic I come to this board. It is one of the few place s in the world I can find unbridled unfounded optimism. Especially the new posters. This stock looks great austensably, no doubt. Many of us who occasionaly get accused as being bashers were in your shoes a couple years ago. I hope it works out for you. Checksoil you may be the pinacle of optimism. You have been through a lot with this stock and you still stick by it. By now I know you are not just a pumper, you have your heart and I am betting you life savings in this stock. It is hard to take your earnings predictions seriously because you have thought they would beat earnings every year. Any ways only thing I have to say is if shares out are under 20 million by end of 2007 I will by checksoil an ice cream sunday. I hope dillution really does curtail. I hope you all make money. Even though I am out you all should know by now I am all about braging rights and I loved this stock for a long time. If it does go up at least I can brag.


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    • TAM--I don't get your message--am I supposed to buy a stock, then get on the message board and talk about how dumb I was to buy it?

    • I am all about braging rights and I loved this stock for a long time.

      Just curious TAM what you consider to be along time. I've been here about 1 1/2 years though I consider myself to be in the early stage of how long I plan to hold. (possibly for 10 + years).

      Other than some option mistakes This, to me is a very capable management team that I stand behind. I just use the stock downturns to add (when able).

      I'm guessing you are a short term trader. I used to be. A lot of big wins and plenty of losses.

      Good Luck to You and to all


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      • Agreed. This board is all about bragging... as it should be! hahaha

        Last month I was defending J@3.5 against it going sub3 and now it's above 3.5 haha. gotta love it <cough> Jade rebounded strongly these past 8 trading days vs say O&G which has not rebounded as well.

        If you are a sink-it and leave-it player, the LT thinker type, then Jade sounds like a good play. I have pretty much always spoken from that camp for Jade.

        There are many on the board who out-trade me in Jade all the time, mainly because I'm not trading much, just buying slowly. Some say outright "jade is going down this month" and I shake it off but all the while watching the chart develop some new downtrend where I coulda/shoulda... BUT, generally speaking, Jade is going UP long term.... lots of sideways and steep corrections, yet UP long term = BIG SMILE.

        So, it really does depend. I don't consider myself a long timer, but I've been in since mid Sept'04. Plan on sticking around to see just what kind of effect the 2008 Olympics might have on jewelery sales at the 100 Enzo's there are to shop at... that's a ways out, yet 100 enzo's should be good to the bottom line.

        I'm hoping for your basic cash cow setup for Jade. That is what I feel I have signed up for by buying shares here. Enzo's are growing and Macau has not shown its face yet... Macau loc is not only a great store, it's great advertising for the Enzo brand. 10,000 sq feet of floorspace in that complex next to the new casino is an awesome location... that is some very prime real estate.

        Real Estate is a key ingredient to success for retail. Great locations have great sales... 100-store chain is nice beginning if built on solid real estate. That cash machine can open up 100 more much more quickly at that point.

        THEN I can brag maybe... but that's still a long ways out. I like seeing JADE in my portfolio. I think of it as a SOLID play still, not making hardly any wrong moves as far as I can see... I shake off dilution yet see the points made by many. I'm still long, as usual haha. I would love to tell folks "I got Jade when it was 'this big'..."

        Time will tell.
        Good luck trading.
        GO JADE~!

    • My earnings projection is 1 cent higher than what is expected by the street.
      Investing is tough...and I am sure you have had bad experiences. You need to learn from them and move forward. Shareholder equity is what it is. Right now JADE has a $2.86 equity value per share. With increased earnings and appreciation JADE will have a equity value of $3.11-$3.20 per share by the end of this year. This is a fact.
      Another thing....I hold a large position in JADE but not my life savings. I own more than 10+ stocks in my portfolio at this current time. Believe me I know how to invest...Look at my last 3 recommendations on this board TASR, JSDA, and NXXI. Who ever bought and sold made nice gains. Good luck to all.