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  • shmori shmori Apr 20, 2007 10:43 AM Flag


    Upgrade from who? A guy from his home paying a fee to have his crap posted on Yahoo news. I have never heard of Dutton.. Wouldn't be surprised if he pupmed and dumped.. I am not saying Jade is a bad investment.. I just don't know what kind of an investment it is. The stock performance yesterday was quite disappointing. Nobody knows knows about the earnings release. I have called twice and got an answering machine and they never called me back..

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    • Sorry to break it to you, but 99.9% of companies the size of JADE don't have major analysts you've heard of following them. In fact, most, like JADE, have to pay for their services. Some say they are paying these guys off for their BUY rec, but I can asssure you this is not what happens. Besides, if smaller analyst firms staked their reputation for a measly $80,000, they would quickly be out of business.

      A few percentages off after a run-up of 30%+ is disappointing?? I think you are in over your head in your risk tolerances if that is the case... go buy a mutual fund.

    • fyi, the IR firm has probably not been picking up because they have been roadshowing with the guys over at Roth Capital this week. this is also most likely a contributing factor to this week's surge. I'm not sure who they are pitching whether it is hedge funds or more established buy side shops.