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  • kedubob kedubob Apr 20, 2011 9:20 AM Flag

    wtaer bottle squirt during Tsunami

    My post was that the PP was not going to be al that. We Americans are known to never cahnge our opinions so even if I say you are right, you will stillgive me a negative rating.

    Anyway to your point, I thought it was going to go to $7 and was dissapointed.

    On the whole, it is going to eb a rougher ride for chinese companies. China needs to step up in transparency,patent law enfringement enforcement and more federal authority that brings state and local government contracting on the level.

    European Chamber of commerce has a bulls eye on China trade practices over unfair trade/contracting practices, that is a fungus that will hurt stocks below $5 the most because they have no play from large MMs and reatil is jumping to the likes of F, INTC, CAT and IBM.

    as US election campaign in republican party picks up, they will hammer China, and Trump has already launched a salve that he would impose 25% tarriff on Chinese goods. It is going to get worse for Chinese stocks.

    My Options expired, so i leave you all in peace, off to shorting the the VIX (target $12-13.00). Doing well there, we may see sub $14 right at open.

    If S&P salvo about US rating can be forgoten in two days, we can say that Bulls are in control and covering will drive volatility down.

    If AAPL delivers tonight, we could see VIX at $12, back to 2007 levels in volatility and on our way to another 20% in markets right into end of may as summer lull comes in.