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  • trestevens91 trestevens91 Jan 31, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

    1.98 with bid of 1.99

    Someone is buying indeed. Are we close to a buyout at a price of 2 or somewhat greater and someone is closing that gap now? Not the biggest volume but still significant.

    Not sure I am as optimistic as some and not as pessimistic as others, but after 6 years I'm ready for some closure.

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    • I feel the frustration too ( 7 years worth)...but by selling on spikes and buying on dips, Jade can be a vehicle to wealth. At the opening this morning I held the greatest number of shares ever---definitely LONGGG---but a small "limit sell" did execute. Money in the bank for the next dip.

      There just may be a buyout coming---

      Darkcloud, the Optimist

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      • Hello Dark,

        I love your optimism! I share a little of it for sure. I am encouraged by the current 2.05 price I see right now with ask of 2.07 with closing in on 100K shares traded. But what is next?

        Rev, are you out partially? You mentioned the possibility of exiting if it got close to 2. It is hard to disagree with that logic if one believes the buyout will be near $2 and their is nothing we can do about it.

        We're all aware of the Focus Media initial non-binding offer of $27 and then later definitive merger agreement for $27.50 which involved Fountain Vest.

        Do you think we will be seeing notice of a binding offer for JADE in the very near term and the buyer knows this? And seemingly for a number $2. (might I wish for $2.50 or 3?)

        Well, at least there is something to talk about these days....


        Sentiment: Hold

      • You're more disciplined than most investors, Dark. Congrats. "Know when to hold, know when to fold." I cancelled a sell order early this morning at $1.97. A gut feeling told me to cancel it, intuition, sixth sense. I listened to it this time. Glad I did. Stock is moving up over $2 so that buyout may be no longer applicable. Be nice to see something around $4, but I would love $10. GLA, still holding, not folding.