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  • wsurfer06 wsurfer06 Feb 16, 2013 1:06 PM Flag


    What's up with the $2 buyout offer? How is the CEO allowed to make a $2 buyout offer a few months ago and then just go silent? Can't this be considered manipulation - putting a ceiling on the stock price?

    I'm surprised those of you who are still invested in JADE are not questioning this issue. Has anyone questioned IR?

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    • The "select' committee was established last August......seems like something is fishy like always....

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      • "Fishy"---???

        A stock with a $3.44 book value---with revenue growth---with liquidity and little debt---selling for $1.94 on a good day---what's "fishy" about that?

        IMO, the underlying value is there. Management wants to "own" as much as possible---again, my opinion. First stock options and now the buyout proposal...there's risk in holding but if management ever gets this stock into an IPO or if they sell to a higher bidder there may be a serious gain least a double.

        I just don't see a great downside risk below $2.00 and still think management does well if the price soars. Watching "institutional activity" has helped me keep my confidence up. Five weeks to financials---2012 vs 2011 could be revealing. It is definitely time to watch "volume"---what are the big boys thinking?