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  • darkcloud1945 darkcloud1945 Feb 27, 2013 1:17 PM Flag

    Institutional Activity Update (Nasdaq)

    This update covers Feb 14 to Feb 27---the NEW Nasdaq numbers for the period ending December 31. If you followed my previous post, Institutional activity for previous 12-31-12 F-13 filers showed a small but positive trend.

    The trend continues---4 institutions increased a total of 58,679 shares; 4 institutions decreased a total of 22,094 shares. Net gain of NEW 12-31-12 reports since 2-14-13...36,585 shares. Does it mean anything? Well, the big boys seem to be willing to wait out the financials. Currently Nasdaq reports 19 Institutional holders owning 2,095,006 shares---6.58% of the outstanding stock. LOEB OFFSHORE MANAGEMENT, MORGAN STANLEY and FREESTONE CAPITAL HOLDINGS were the three NEW investors since 2-14-13.

    Speculative----but, at least there's some big money investing in Jade. "The race is not always won by the strongest or the fastest, but that's the way to bet !" Volume is poor.


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    • Dark. Yu Zhen seems to have completed its buying probably because on the offer to go private. New institutional buying is meaningless, Less than $100K invested, although why any institution would have LJ on its radar to buy at $1.93 with a $2 buyout is an unanswerable question. What are they thinking? e

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      • Beek. I respect your comments. It didn't make much sense to me to buy more shares at $1.80 or higher. But given the solidarity of the institution group, I keep thinking there must be an upside to this. Does it make sense to HOLD if the private offering is executed? Would the IPO then happen? Yih's group benefits more correct? What about reluctant small investors?

        It's tough to analyze a stock when the enterprise is very attractive but the board and market makers can easily manipulate the market price. Institutions seem willing to wait out the financials.

        Risk-Reward Ratio still looks ok to me. It's likely to be dead money until April but with Jade nothing seems logical. Not much downside risk IMO.

        Mardi Gras didn't help gem sales but I'm still hoping the leprechauns can spark some Pot of Gold interest.


        Sentiment: Hold