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  • darkcloud1945 darkcloud1945 Mar 28, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    First Quarter 2011 vs 2012

    LJ International has just released a significant financial comparison leading to the new year end financials. It is available through Nasdaq if you haven't received it.

    It's very lenghty---you'll need a few Bloody Marys for a good analysis. First impression---interesting...shows the heavy and possibly one-time expenses in store openings....slightly positive to me....distribution improved....the real killer to eps was the deemed dividend. Need more time to really dig in. It is really detailed.


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    • Dark. It is time to let go, unless Yu Zhen becomes the white knight. The toxic financing was the vehicle they used to buy the company for Borscht. I saw it ahead of time, but never believed they could pull it off. What a bunch of #$%$, including its Attorney Bernstein who I hope chokes on his P#$%$over matzo. Yehuda Brand. A Jewish Attorney conspiring with or even representing these #$%$ holes is despicable to me as a Jewish man. As an attorney, I never represented anyone that I thought was dishonest or even gray in it business practices. Dropped several clients that I thought were going to far, or were asking me to do something just to delay or take advantage of an adversary. Attorney's like Bernstein is why I dropped out of law in 2004, and got into the business of helping people not using them for money.

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      • fellas, Yu Zhen and FV were not adversaries in this takeover--they were collaborators evidenced by multiple other taking private transactions---remember Yu Zhen is a sub of Foson Int. I closed out when I verified this through research and follow up legal contacts of which no firm was willing to undertake. Must say I enjoyed the board and hope all can absorb the losses and move on--bottom line was this transaction was in the works for 2-3 years--inventory alone exceeds 2 bucks a share--new report says this---575 million Chinese are middle class today, 7 years out 1.5 billion will be middle class. The shareholders of jade have simply financed LJ with stock options, etc for a number of years--SEC is impudent to the matter--wish all Chinese stocks would be banned from US markets